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It’s possible to strictly follow a centuries-old recipe and end up creating a magnificent dish, but today’s restaurants run along more modern lines. Restaurant goers still expect a great time out over delicious food, great service and a lovely ambiance, but behind the scenes things are different.

See how the latest software is helping restaurants get better business results.

Perfect Schedules, Faster

Improving margins and increasing efficiency is what better business results is all about, and employee scheduling software makes it easy. As its name suggests, employee scheduling software helps create schedules that are not just better, but take way less time to produce.

Getting schedules in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take frees up your employees to work in their primary tasks, either in the kitchen or with customers — you can learn more about 7shifts and all the other ways schedules come faster and better with the new tech. But the time saved leads to a direct reduction in labor costs of up to 3%, a crucial gain in what is normally the biggest drain on a restaurant’s budget.

Powerful Data

Knowledge is power, and it’s impossible to know what to improve in your restaurant’s operations without knowing it inside and out. Employee scheduling software puts two essential kinds of information at your fingertips.

The manager-facing dashboards clearly present important data like total sales, labor costs and more. These numbers are updated in real time, and because it’s stored in the cloud it’s impossible to lose, and can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

But this software also presents another very important kind of data, that of your restaurant’s frontline employees. The software allows them a space to rate and describe in their own words how they think the shift went.

This way, managers can get insights into what needs to be improved or addressed before it blows up into a larger problem. The combination of powerful quantified data alongside the staff’s perspective is a powerful tool that gives managers and executives the full picture.

More Efficient Communication

New Technology is most associated with major improvements in communication. Modern communications allow us to speak face to face with people around the world; powerful and impressive tools are one thing, but employee scheduling software is designed to deliver the right communication tools that specifically address the needs of restaurants.

Employee scheduling software reduces the amount of texting and messaging otherwise needed to create a schedule by 70%. If managers need to find a replacement for a shift in a pinch, they can message the team concerned, who will all receive a mobile alert, and whoever is free to take the shift can notify the team.

Communication is not just powerful in this software; it’s smart and responds to the specific needs of restaurants.

Part of a restaurant owner’s due diligence is checking the market for the right modern tools, and ignoring what’s bad and adopting what’s good. A lot of new tech promises miracles, while new innovations like employee scheduling software do the basics much better. This is the modern update your restaurant business needs.


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