A Boatload of Family Fun: The Top 7 Best Boats for Families


Are you in the market for a boat that would be fun for the whole family?

You’ve come to the right place. Boating is one of the greatest summer activities and it’s made even better by having your spouse and kids out on the water with you. The only shame is having to pack it in every winter.

Shopping for boats can be fun, but it can also be frustrating when you don’t really know what you’re looking for. Finding the best boats for families isn’t any easier. You might be surprised to learn that most boat owners start where you’re starting today, with no knowledge whatsoever.

Today, we’re going to show you the 7 best boats for families on the market today, so you can focus on getting out on the water and enjoying the peace and serenity of being a boat owner. That is, if your family will give it to you.

1. Lowe SS 210

As far as pontoon boating is concerned, the Low SS 210 has got you covered. It’s the perfect boat for a small family that’s still growing. You can have a good time with just a few people or have some family and friends over to go out for a more festive day trip.

This thing can accommodate up to 11 people when all is said and done. And, you’ll have enough space left over to keep snacks and drinks for the kids. It’s also got plush carpeting and a built-in speaker system to keep the party alive.

2. Larson LX 195 S

For something a bit smaller, but no less functional, we’ve got the Larson LX 195 S. It’s equally comfortable for you and the family to ride in as it is for your truck to tow it. Although it’s not as obviously spacious as the Lowe SS 210, it’s got lots of storage space, two big bucket seats and a large bench seat for the passengers.

The huge rear sun pad is great for hopping in and out of the water and not too bad to catch a few rays on when the kids aren’t using it. Larson also offers a wakeboard package and engine upgrades, if you so desire.

3. Boston Whaler Dauntless 180

If you’re willing to move up the price ladder a little bit, you can combine the luxurious spaciousness of the Lowe SS 210 and the streamlined looks of the Larson LX 195 with the Boston Whaler Dauntless 180.

This one has seating for up to 8 people and takes outboards of up to 150 horsepower. The best features are its reversible driver’s seat and the larger seating area that converts into a huge elevated casting area when you’re out fishing.

A huge removable cooler and an optional Bimini top mean that the Boston Whaler makes for a pretty good lounging boat too. There are loads of engine and electronics upgrades you can make to the basic model, but it’ll cost you.

4. Cobalt R7WSS Surf

The Cobalt R7WSS Surf is a watersport enthusiast’s dream. It’s got a huge cockpit and an immense amount of space to get up, move around, and get in and out of your water sports gear. The deep V hull design can handle the choppiest waters, but it also works well for water skiing and wakeboarding.

If you go a bit further and get the “WSS Surf Package”, then you’ll get one-touch Surf settings and ballast tanks. When you engage the performance mode, the boat will automatically create the perfect wake for whoever’s back there.

5. Cobalt SC23

Cobalt doesn’t just make the best boats for watersports, they make the best luxury boats as well. The SC23 is a deceptively large, yet luxurious bowrider that has your comfort and relaxation in mind.

The reversible transom seat lets you flip around and enjoy the water after a long trip, while the large swim platform makes it easy to get in and out of the water. A 6-speaker Bluetooth stereo system and an on-board Porta-Potti means that you and the family can stay out for hours on end.

This isn’t anything less than a luxurious ride, so it’s on the higher end, price-wise. Well worth every penny, if you ask us.

6. Tahoe 2150 Deck

For a great value option, look no further than the Tahoe 2150 Deck. Its numerous standard features include a 4-step boarding ladder on either of the two swim platforms, a wrap-around bow seat with a 15-gallon drink center with a freshwater tank and a sink.

There’s a powerful Bluetooth stereo and a wakeboard locker built into the floor to house all of your equipment. The movable table can be placed in various locations, allowing you to make room for those getting in and out of gear and the removable cooler can be stocked and replaced outside of the boat.

It also comes with a Bimini top, a drop-down changing curtain, and a ski-pylon. There are almost too many features to name for this boat that sits comfortably in the mid-price range.

7. Carver C34 Coupe

For something beyond luxurious, there’s the Carver C34 Coupe. With room for 6 to sleep, you could practically live on this boat with your entire family. What’s wild is that this coupe, with its below deck space and luxurious amenities, it’s incredibly compact.

It’s great to bring the kids out for a weekend trip, but even greater when you want to have a romantic getaway for a few days. The back sun deck is great for lounging on and the built-in kitchenette comes complete with a sink, microwave, TV, and mini-fridge. If you see one of these on sale, don’t let it pass you by.

Finding the Best Boats for Families Takes Time

These are some of the best boats for families on the market, but finding the best boat for your family really depends on your needs. Consider what your family values in a boat and follow that whim.

If it’s water sports for your kids, there are great boats on the market for you. But, if you want something that caters to your social life, then a spacious pontoon might be the answer to your needs. Take your time and shop around, the perfect boat is out there for you.


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