Going Trick-or-Treating with Your Kids This Year? Bring These 5 Important Items


Halloween candy

As a child, the best part about Halloween is going trick-or-treating and getting a bundle of free candy. However, as you transition into parenthood, the best part about Halloween becomes dressing up with your children and joining them on their rounds.

If this is your first time going trick-or-treating with your kids, you may be thinking that all you need is your costume and an extra bag for candy. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Before hitting the streets, you should make sure that you have these essential items on hand.

1 – Thermal Clothing

If you want to keep your little ones (and yourself) warm during their trick-or-treating excursions, you should make sure that you wear some thermal gear. For those that are unaware, thermal gear is high-quality clothing that helps keep the body warm. These garments are made with a unique knitting technology that allows them to hold more warm air.

If you want to stay toasty during your laps around the neighborhood, be sure to bring some thermal gloves or a pair of warm socks you’ll love to wear, as they are subtle and can be worn with a variety of costumes.

2 – Flashlight

Even though many smartphones come with flashlights, they aren’t always reliable, especially in cold temperatures. That’s why you should bring a traditional flashlight along for the trick-or-treating fun.

These useful tools will help you spot bumps in the sidewalk, subtle staircases and other hard-to-see objects. Just make sure that you throw in a fresh pair of batteries!

3 – First Aid Kit

It’s always important for parents to be prepared for injuries, especially when they are with groups of young children. If you want to stay a step ahead, be sure to bring a first aid kit while trick-or-treating. This way, you can clean up a scratched knee or throw together a makeshift sling if necessary. If you are tight on cash, you can make a homemade first aid kit for a handful of change.

4 – Water Bottles

After walking around the neighborhood, you and your children will most likely get thirsty. Instead of cutting the trip short, you should make sure that you throw a water bottle or two in your children’s candy bags. This way, you will be able to stay hydrated while you and your kids scare the neighbors.

5 – High Visibility Tape

If you live in a busy area, you will likely see a number of cars drive past you throughout the night. If your children are in dark costumes, it can be quite difficult for drivers to see them.

To prevent a potential accident from happening, you should wrap some high visibility tape around your children’s wrists or on their candy bags. This tape reflects light and is easy to see in dark conditions, which allows drivers to spot trick-or-treaters effortlessly.

Before throwing on your costume and mask, be sure to add all of these useful items to this year’s Halloween checklist.


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