When to Start Teaching Your Kid Baseball



Is your little one throwing objects around the house? Are you wondering if it’s time to channel that energy by teaching them baseball? Are you eager to get them started but aren’t sure when’s the right time to start teaching them?

Before we answer these questions, you should know that two kids of the same age will probably give different results because naturally, every child is different. That being said, here’s a breakdown of the most common early ages where kids start playing baseball.

4 Years Old

At such a young age, 4-year olds tend to have a hard time concentrating, however, it’s a good age if you want to introduce the concept of organized sports to your kid early on. While your child’s skills and knowledge will develop slowly at this age, it’s a great time to have your child run around outdoors and make new friends. The most important thing to remember is that at 4-years of age, your child’s skills will only improve through continuous one-on-one practice which, conveniently, can be done at home.

5 Years Old

Kindergarten teaches your child structure, discipline, and working with others which is why 5 is a common starting age for most amateur leagues. However, other than emphasizing the importance of teamwork and benefiting from the social interactions, starting your child at 5 won’t make that much of a difference than if you had started them at 4 in terms of skills and development.

6 Years Old

This is a great age to get your kid their first official, age-appropriate gear. According to the lifelong baseball enthusiasts at Bat Sleeves, your child’s first bat should be light, easy to hold and swing, and suitable for your kid’s size and height. If you think your kid needs a bigger bat, consult with a coach first; you wouldn’t want to get your child a bat that’s too big and have them feel frustrated at their inability to swing it. At 6-years of age, your kid can start showing significant improvement merely by playing in the backyard with you.

7 Years Old

At 7 years old, your child’s routines are set and solidified both at school and home and their social skills are more refined, which is why this is the perfect age for starting organized baseball by participating in a team a few times a week. At this age, most concepts and fundamental skills can be understood quicker and easier than previous ages because your kids won’t be as overwhelmed by the challenges of the sport. This is the age where their talent can truly start to shine.

Baseball can be taught at any time and age. Whether they’re 4 or 14, those early moments when they first pick up a bat and glove are important in your kid’s life so make having fun your number one priority and remember, praise effort, not results. This way you’ll be sure to start your kid down the baseball path with an attitude of loving what they do and a belief that they can accomplish anything with hard work.


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