Online Gambling: Men Versus Women


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In the past, it was against societal norms and expectations for a woman to be seen in a gambling facility. Gambling had been for a long time reserved for men; it was known as a masculine hobby. However, as times go by, changes are paramount to happen and be seen and embraced. Women have also taken over gambling facilities, and people will not stare, talk, and wonder when they see a woman enjoying herself in a gambling facility.

As these changes are observed, we are bound to ask questions, why are more women joining the gambling world? Do they enjoy gambling as much as men? Do they enjoy the same games as men do? Well, we can only answer these questions if we do our research properly, part of it been talking to several women who visit gambling facilities. Men and women gamble for different reasons, and motivation factors are also different.

Reasons why men and women gamble

Men and women gamble for different reasons. The motivation factors for both sexes may be the same or different, but most times, these motivation factors go hand in hand. The elements can be divided into three parts; both men and women are motivated by Money, Fun, and The thrill of winning. As for women, they are known as escape gamblers, where women seek comfort and are shown to run away from stress and the hustle of everyday life by gambling.

Women also gamble as a means of charity, where they venture to give back to society. Therefore, they are often seen playing Bingo. Men, on the other hand, are known as action gamblers, and they are more willing to show off their gambling skills while also boosting their ego through gambling.

Notable Differences between men and women who gamble

• Games

When we take the games that men and women enjoy, there will be significant differences. Men will be shown to be in games that need more skills and strategy. Games of luck are the primary choice of women gamblers. Women also tend to play games that have few risks. Men also tend to play against each other while women prefer to play against live dealers.

Men will mostly be drawn to games such as sports betting and table games while women will mostly enjoy bingo, lotteries and raffles and slot games. However, some men enjoy slot games while there are women who will also enjoy sports betting. For women, small, fixed bets are the way to go while for men wagers that are not pre-determined are their thing.

The games chosen by different genders are also determined by the economic status, age, and the role of technology in the gambling industry.

• Money factor

It will be interesting to note that different genders spend different amounts of gambling. Men are willing to take risks because they are actionable, while women prefer betting on the safer side. Men are drawn to pre-determined wagers, and women prefer betting on fixed bets and also take lower stakes.

The most reasonable reason for this is that women are more pessimistic about the odds of winning and they, therefore, feel safer placing a safe amount of money to avoid disappointment. Men, on the other hand, are more optimistic on the odds because they believe in their skills and strategy.

• Different reactions to winning and loses

You may have already made a wild guess on this one, as is the tradition women react to things with emotions while men tend to react to things aggressively. Women who gamble and lose will cry, sigh, and show emotions of sadness, disappointment, and also nervousness. It is a common practice in our society for women to show emotions than men; the same feelings expressed by women in an ordinary world match those that are expressed while gambling.

Men, on the other hand, tend to get aggressive when they experience a significant loss. They will hit and kick the slot machine or table. They will also tend to yell at the dealer or show disrespect, making them get chased out from the gambling premises. Men are also demonstrated to become territorial on their seat and slot machine or table.

What happens when both genders experience a win? Women will most like cash out their winnings after a big win; they will not increase their bets after a winning streak because of their cynicism amount the odds of the games. On the other hand, after a big win, men will tend to bet more to increase their odds of winning, they also tend to increase aggressiveness on their strategies as well.

• Playing at different times

Men and women place bets at the same time of the day. However, there are circumstances that affect the when, how long, and how often they play. Before gambling, women often complete their tasks at home or in their workplace. They are more responsible for things like cooking and cleaning and tend to ensure this is all done before they go out to play bingo. Women also do not have a lot of free time on their hands and will often play a quick game at different times of the day.

Online betting for women is more enjoyable because they can choose when to play and also play for the amount of time they desire, women will start gambling at a later age while men start betting as early as twenty years of age. Women tend to gamble when they feel financially secure to do so and are seen to stop gambling at social occasions, unlike men who bet during these special occasions.

• Online gambling and in-person gambling

Women are shown to prefer online gambling as they start instead of in-person gambling. Online gambling for women is more flexible, and they also feel more comfortable gambling at the best online casinos. Men, on the other hand, prefer higher odds and therefore choose in-person gambling over online gambling.


As society continues to embrace changes in the gambling world, the differences between men and women gambling will also continue to shift. Women will become comfortable betting in-person than online.


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