Why You Should Fight a DUI Charge


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When you have to deal with a driving under the influence charge, your first instinct may be to give in or give up. After all, it can be a harrowing experience to be hauled into jail and be questioned by the police. Although your situation may seem dire, it is important that you never just plead guilty. Instead, you should always try to fight the DUI charge as hard as possible. Here is why you should take this stance:

There is Always Hope

Since you don’t understand the legal system all that well, you may just imagine that your case is a slam dunk. Well, it may not actually be like this. While the police may feel fairly confident about your conviction, this is only their side of the story. It is only after hiring attorneys like MassTsang criminal and DUI lawyers in Toronto that you can learn the truth.

Primarily, law enforcement can actually make a number of mistakes during your arrest. If your attorney were to learn about one of these, he or she could use it as a loophole. So, simply by reviewing the evidence, your attorney may be able to either get you free or reduce your punishment.

Pleading Guilty Leaves You with No Options

Sure, pleading guilty may seem like your nightmare may be over more quickly. The truth is, though, that it is only just beginning. If you were to consult drug trafficking lawyers, you would learn that pleading guilty means that you are removing all options. Once you have admitted to wrongdoing, you will automatically be sentenced. In other words, game over.

However, if you were to take your case to court, you suddenly have more roads before you. For one thing, you are giving yourself a fighting chance. As a result, there is a chance that you can win your case and go free. At the very least, this will give you the opportunity to pursue other avenues, such as a lesser sentence.

The Consequences of Such a Charge Are Significant

Perhaps the main reason to fight this charge is due to the consequences. In Canada, the DUI laws are getting stricter by the day. So, if you simply accept your fate, the punishment may be severe. In the long run, you will certainly end up regretting such a plea.

If you need a reason to stand up for yourself, just take a look at the punishment for such an alleged offense. The minimum amount that you will have to pay is $1000. You may even face jail time as well. Then you should also think about the fact that your driving capabilities will be restricted. Your license may be revoked as well. Essentially, your life is about to become very difficult.

It is clear that you need to fight such a charge if you are ever faced with it. While the legal system may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right lawyer and legal team behind you, there is no telling what can happen. So, in this instance, you really should bet on yourself.


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