Acura Debuts Type S Concept in Monteray


Acura Type S Concept blue front angle view

Can Acura get its mojo back? The company has been making great cars for years, but the design hasn’t lived up to the engineering and performance for years. Yes, I never liked the front grille they featured for the last decade or more.

However, one look at the Acura Type S Concept that will debut at Pebble Beach and Monteray Car Week suggests that the Acura luxury brand may be on the verge of a resurgence. This vehicle is beautiful and it all starts with the front fascia. When Acura debuted the pentagon grille with the MDX, I wasn’t completely sold on the new design. It was certainly a significant improvement but I wasn’t sure if it would work as a signature grille across the entire line. The Type S Concept puts that issue to rest. Coupled with the “four-lamp Jewel Eye LED headlights,” the front fascia is simply gorgeous and bodes well for the immediate future of Acura designs.

The design of the Type S Concept is both muscular and elegant, and should draw a fair share of consumers from other luxury brands. This concept vehicle sets the stage for the return of Type S performance variants and will heavily influence the character of the upcoming, second-generation TLX Type S. We can’t wait to see how these design concepts translate to the production vehicles.

Acura Type S Concept front view

Acura Type S Concept rear view

Acura Type S Concept side view


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