Horse Racing Bet – A Beginner’s Guide


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Ask a man who has done it all in life about the greatest pleasure he’s ever experienced, you’ll most probably get a one-word answer: betting. You can hike hundreds of kilometers long trails, you might be able to dive into uncharted depths, and you could even climb Everest, but nothing would ever compare to the joy of betting, and winning. It doesn’t come as a surprise that half the globe’s adult population gamble every year, or have gambled at one point in their lives. You have a ton of options out there to indulge in that harmless vice, but horse racing has got to be the most enjoyable of them all. Here’s what you need to know about betting on horse racing.

Having fun betting on horses

Despite the numerous other sports you could bet on, horse racing remains one of the most popular ones out there, with billions of dollars turnout every year. There’s good money in it, and your odds of winning are actually pretty good. That’s the financial aspect of it. On the other hand, going to a race track and watching these majestic horses race is a surreal experience, and it’s definitely one you should try at least once in your life.

Types of horse racing bets

Straight Wagers: these are a beginner’s best choice and always your safest option because they’re cheap and simple. All you have to do is pick a horse to come in the first, second, or third place, and that’s all you need to understand. The minimum straight wager can be as little as under $5, but you need to know what you’re doing to some extent still. According to the people at, you should get some tips so that you could master this horse betting thing. It helps if you have tips from experts in the field and it’s always a good choice for beginners as well as veterans who’re looking for professional insight.

Exotic Wagers: this is somewhat a different ballgame, because you can actually bet on several horses in a single bet. This naturally increases your chances of making profit, but on the other hand, it requires some extensive knowledge of the world of horse racing. It can also get much more expensive, so be very careful how you approach exotic wagers. You can bet on, say, two horses coming in on first and second places, respectively. Or you can bet on two horses coming in on first and second places in any order. The possibilities are plenty, and you have to know your horses to get into this one.

How could I pick the winning horse?

Well, that is the one million dollar question, isn’t it? Sure, you can go to any horse track and bet a couple of dollars and hope to get a little extra in profit, but is that really what you want? Most people are after the jackpot, and so should you. You’ll find a million sources telling you theories and ideas on how to pick a winning horse, and they all make some pretty valid points. Luck definitely does play a major factor, but you also need to get acquainted with handicapping. That is the key to getting into horse racing, and here are a few tips to handicapping.

First, you need to get familiar with the daily race program. This is how you guarantee you’d be able to successfully handicap a horse. Then you need to look at previous records of the horse, learning what class they’ve been racing at. Measure their performance on past surfaces, and also learn about their past experience with the jockey. These simple tips can help you handicap a horse, and hopefully win some good money too.


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