Things You Need to Check Before Going on a Road Trip


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Do you have plans of going on a road trip soon? You must be really excited and looking forward to it. Taking road trips with family and friends allows you to spend quality time with them and strengthen the bond you share. If you want to your trip to be fun, safe, and stress-free, there are certain preventative measures that you need to put in place before embarking on your journey. Here are important components you need to check on your car before hitting the highway:

Engine oil

Start by checking the level of your engine oil and the date you’re supposed to change it. If the level is low, then you need to add more oil. However, if you’re close to the recommended due date for an oil change, then change it. Consider changing your oil filter too, if possible.

Check other fluids too

To prevent your car from breaking down unnecessarily and possibly causing accidents while on your trip, you also need to check the levels of other fluids such as brake fluid, coolant, and windscreen wash. If any of them is too low, top it up to ensure that your car is running smoothly.

Brake system

You also need to check your hand-brakes before starting your journey. If they’re not working properly, replace them immediately. Driving a vehicle that cannot be stopped with a hand-brake is not recommended because of safety concerns. Checking the brake pads is equally important. If your brakes have started squealing, then a replacement of the brake pads is necessary.

Wheels and Tires

Your tires need to be in top form because they connect your car to the road. So, check the pressure on all the tires using a tire gauge. Add more air pressure until it reaches the recommended amount, if any, of the tires have pressure below the specified rating. Be sure to replace worn out tires as well. You’ll also need a spare wheel with a properly inflated tire for backup.


Another important thing worth checking is the car battery. If you want to avoid being stranded on the road because your car won’t start, then checking your batteries is a must. According to Auto Shop Accessories, car batteries should be checked at least once a year for possible problems. Therefore, if you had your car for several years without changing the batteries, you need to ensure that the connection between the battery and the car’s electrical system is still strong. Also check for wear and tear, as well as corrosion on the terminals of the battery can cause the starter to be sluggish, or cause the car not to start at all. A dying or dead battery will need to be replaced before going on your trip. On the other hand, if corrosion is the problem, then cleaning the buildup on the terminals of the battery can help to extend its life.


All your car signals and lights need to be checked as well to ensure that they’re functioning properly. Be sure to check the taillights, indicators, headlights, reverse lights, license plate lights, turn lights, brake lights, as well as parking lights. This will go along way in preventing unnecessary accidents. Other things worth checking for possible problems include your windscreen wipers, leaks, steering wheel, drive belt, and air filter.

Take time to check the above important car components for possible problems, and be sure to address them properly before you embark on your road trip. This will go along way in preventing mechanical issues that may ruin your fun and possibly lead to accidents.


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