How to Save With Serviced Apartments? Use These Tips!


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If you are moving to a new city and need time to go house hunting, you can simplify the whole process by booking a serviced apartment unit online. This way, you don’t have to bring everything with you and can simply move into an apartment unit with all the amenities you need.

However, serviced apartments are also useful for when you are visiting a city on an extended trip, regardless of whether it is for business and leisure. With cities like Belfast becoming a prime destination for business and private travelers alike, you can enjoy the best accommodation while saving money when you opt for serviced apartments.

Seek a Reliable Service Provider

One of the first things you want to check before booking a serviced apartment is the service provider behind the apartment unit. You want to work with a reputable (and reliable) service provider to get the best amenities and the most value for your money.

Serviced apartments in Belfast, Northern Ireland, are easy to find now that top providers such as Dream Apartments make their units available online. You will have an easier time securing the right accommodation for your trip when you have a service provider you know you can count on.

In the case of Dream Apartments, you can also look into packages and locations to find the right unit to rent. These packages are designed to help you enjoy the best travel experience – and the ultimate pampering – without spending a lot of money in the process.

Look for Discounts

You really shouldn’t book accommodation for your next trip without searching for deals and special offers first; the same is true with other parts of the trip. There are so many discounts and special offers to use these days, and all you have to do to earn them is find coupon codes to use.

In many cases, those coupon codes are available through review sites. Some serviced apartment providers also make their promotions and discounts available on their website, which makes finding them even easier.

On average, you can save around 5% by using the right coupon code when making your reservation. Sticking with Dream Apartments as an example, you actually qualify for a 5% discount when you book directly with them.

Utilize the Amenities

Staying in a serviced apartment means having access to the usual amenities of apartment units, including a fully functioning kitchen. This means you can save on other expenses throughout the trip, especially the cost of meals and drinks.

Figure out the kitchen appliances and facilities you will get with the serviced apartment, and then find out more about where you can buy groceries and ingredients. You’ll be surprised by how much you can save just by cooking one or two out of your three meals every day.

These simple tips are easy to implement, but they are the kind of tips that will help you save on serviced apartments. More importantly, you have the opportunity to save on other expenses throughout the trip just by opting for a serviced apartment as your accommodation of choice.


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