Travel Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Visit to Seville, Spain


Plaza Espana Seville Spain

Seville is a wonderful city to visit in Spain, one that does not get the glory it deserves. If you want to plan a trip there you can easily check out these tours in Seville or do your own planning. No matter what you choose, some insider knowledge can help you. Since you want to do all that you can to have a wonderful time, here are some really valuable tips that you want to know about.

Do Not Waste Time Waiting In Queues

There are countless must-see monuments in Seville, like the Real Alcazar Palace and the Cathedral. The problem is that these monuments are very popular so you will end up faced with a long queue whenever you want to enter. With this in mind, here are 2 things to know:

Cathedral – Go to Plaza Del Salvador to enter both the Cathedral and El Salvador Church. You save money and get in faster.
Alcazar – You can buy tickets online for just an extra EURO.

Learn How To Get To Where You Stay From The Airport

The airport in Seville is around 15 kilometers away from the center. The good news is that it is really well-connected. You can easily take a bus that runs every half an hour for just 4 EURO. You reach Plaza de Armas in just 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can also take a taxi for 25 EURO. Just bare in mind that during the public holidays you will need to pay more. Also, because there are numerous small streets in the historic center, the taxi might not be able to take you right to where you stay.

Enjoy Your Food With The Locals

Tourists are often confused about when people in Spain eat. The hours when you are used to eating dinner or lunch are most likely not what is common practice in Seville. Restaurants might not even be opened. Remember the following:

Lunch – Kitchens are normally open between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM. In some bars they do remain open for a longer time frame.
Dinner – The best restaurants only open at around 8:30. During weekends, locals enjoy them starting at around 11:00.

Never Order Too Much Food At Once

There are always different protocols that apply when you want some tapas in Seville but there is one rule you should always respect: never order a lot of food. You will generally get food as it was ready and restaurants expect you to order some more in the future. Try a couple of tapas and a drink. Relax and then, if you want more, order. This is because the size of tapas varies from one establishment to the next. Get a feel of it so you do not order too much.

As an extra tip, be sure that you ask for the bill as it will not be automatically put on your table. This is true for most of Europe, not just Spain.

Always Have A Photo ID And Cash With You

You have to expect the fact that in many small stores and bars credit cards are not accepted. This is true even if you see a sticker in which the opposite is mentioned. You need to pay with cash. Be sure that you do not have just large bills as they are not always accepted. In the event that you can pay with your credit card and you want to do that, get ready to have a photo ID on you. Even if you will not be always asked for it, having it handy is a very good idea.

Always Bring Really Comfortable Shoes For Walking

In order to enjoy Seville as much as possible, you will surely walk a lot. Most of your time will be spent in the historic center, which does not have many public transport options. Because of the numerous one-way streets and pedestrians, you need to walk a lot so you have to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Visit Monuments And Museums When Free

In Seville there is definitely no shortage of monuments to visit so you might end up paying a lot for them and the museums. Fortunately, during some days of the week or at specific times, the museums and monuments in the city are completely free. For instance, the Cathedral is free during Sunday afternoons.


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