5 Reasons to Book a Bachelor Party Cruise


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You don’t have to go the traditional route for a bachelor party. Keep reading for 5 reasons to book a bachelor party cruise.

When it’s time to get the fellas together for a bachelor party celebration, make sure that you go all out.
This is a memory that your group of friends will be talking about for years, so you don’t want to half-step when planning the trip. In this regard, a bachelor party cruise is one of the ideal choices that you can make.

Consider these reasons to learn exactly why booking a bachelor party cruise vacation is a great idea.

1. Cruise Ships Have Casinos

Stogies, cash on the table and the chance to win big are all fixtures in the bachelor party experience. However, booking a trip to Vegas to hit the casinos isn’t always a possibility.

You’re in luck because most cruise ships have legal casinos onboard.

When you book a Celebrity Eastern Caribbean cruise vacation, for instance, you and your friends can play plenty of hands of blackjack and poker, and put down money on the roulette table.

These casinos are up and running around the clock, so you always have the chance to make your next hand your best hand.

2. You Can Drink All You Want Without Having to Worry About Transportation

Cruise ships are also great for bachelor parties because they have so many bar and nightclub options. If you want a drink, all you have to do is leave your cabin and take a brief walk.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about designated drivers or any other logistics, because you’re safe and sound aboard the cruise ship.

Cruise ships offer drink card packages that can help you get more bang for your buck if you plan to be drinking a lot throughout the trip.

3. Many Cruise Ports Are Party Capitals

With cruise vacations, the ports are often warm weather party capitals like Cozumel, Bermuda, Miami, and Jamaica.

You never have to worry about bachelor party entertainment when hitting these ports. For instance, Miami alone has some of the most renowned strip clubs and night clubs, making it perfect for the bachelor party.

4. The Food Is Plentiful

Who doesn’t love to eat?

You can eat as much as you want on cruise vacations because it’s all paid for in advance. If you love the steak at dinner so much that you want to order another — it’s no problem at all!

You’ll get another steak delivered to your table, free of charge.

Since heavy drinking is a fixture of bachelor parties, you’ll definitely want to keep your stomach full. Do some research on your chosen cruise line in order to get a clear look at their late night menus and other food options.

5. Nothing Creates Fun and Memories Like Nights on the Water

Finally, the vibe of being aboard a cruise ship is flat out perfect for creating memories.

You and your friends will have plenty of time to sip a brew, enjoy the night ocean air and reflect on life. Don’t be surprised if this peaceful environment leads to a few manly tears being shed before the trip is all said and done.

Book a Bachelor Party Cruise

So there you have it — a bachelor party cruise is the perfect vacation when you’re celebrating your friend’s impending nuptials. All it takes is a little bit of research and planning.

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