Signs It’s Time to Give Those Brakes Some TLC


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As you may well be aware, proper brake repair and maintenance are key to keeping your vehicle safe and efficient. Without proper and regular brake repairs, your vehicle is no longer capable of giving you the safe and reliable stopping power you need to operate it. No one wants to own a vehicle that they can’t drive. Unfortunately, while caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many people overlook the signs that indicate that it is time to have their Calgary brakes serviced. Fortunately, one does not need to be a mechanic or have a vast knowledge of automotive repairs to know when it is time to take their vehicle to a Calgary brake shop. There are some symptoms that often occur from normal wear and tear that you should keep a watch for when driving. Keep in mind that not all signs are obvious, making it crucial for you to pay attention to issues that arise that normally do not occur when you operate your vehicle.

Brake Pedal Vibrates

It is not normal for your brake pedal to vibrate and pulsate when you press on it. Often times, many people confuse pulsating brakes as an issue with the road or pavement they are driving on at the time. While this could indeed be true, it is far better to assume that it is a sign that brake repairs are needed soon if it happens intermittently, especially when applying the brakes to stop. The brake pads on your vehicle gradually wear down the more you drive and use them. The more vibrations you experience when applying the brakes, the more you risk your vehicle’s stopping power and safety.

Vehicle No Longer Stays Straight When Deaccelerating

At some point, as your brakes wear down, you may notice that every time you slow down, your steering wheel or vehicle puls slightly to one side. This often happens when the brakes on one side have worn down faster on one side than the other. Uneven wear and tear on the brakes is common. This issue may not interfere much with your driving experience too much, but if it is left ignored, you could experience issues with your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems. Keep in mind that it is advisable to have this symptom checked sooner than later because a vehicle that pulls slightly to the right or left could also indicate tire replacement, alignment or some other type of repair is necessary.

It Takes Longer to Stop

Worn out brake pads and a compromised brake system do not provide the same stopping performance as when they are first installed. Over time, you may gradually notice your car takes more time to stop, requiring you to press the brake pedal further in advance. The longer you operate your vehicle without having the brake system serviced, the more frequently you notice that it takes you longer to make a complete stop. Eventually, this can become a safety issue, especially in poor driving conditions.

Brakes Scream When the Pedal Is Pressed

As the rotors, pads or shoes on your vehicle brakes near the time for replacement, you’ll hear a high-pitched squealing noise every time you press the pedal. This is an early warning notification that you should never ignore. The longer you drive without having your brakes serviced, the louder this nose will become.

Many newer model vehicles have an indicator on the dash that lights up when it is time for brake repairs. However, many of the symptoms listed above tend to occur before the symbol on the dash turns on. The sooner you notice the signs that indicate your brakes require service, the more control you have over your repair costs and overall experience.



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