The Beauty of Boating – Where to Start as a Sailing Hopeful



Recreational boating is a popular leisure activity in the U.S. Over 87 million U.S. adults partaking in the sport. Most sailing enthusiasts harbor dreams of buying a boat in their lifetime. A boat is one of the best investments for those that enjoy the water and you will never regret the decision. If you have always fancied sailing, you need to learn everything you can about how boats. It is not a one-off decision because this is a huge investment. Just like when buying a car, there are many things to consider and if you want to enjoy your sailing experience, you need to get everything right.

It’s important that you look into Marina Berths for sale when starting your sailing journey, but you need to get more information about sailboats to find the best. This article offers tips to get you started with sailing.

1. Start with a Lease

If you are a sailing hopeful, it is important to assess your needs first before you move to the next step. Like with any other sport, you have to consider your entry level to find the best watercraft. As a boating beginner, leasing a boat is a great idea before you finally make the jump and buy your vessel.

Most boating companies have high-performance boats for lease and you will learn a lot when using these vessels. The best thing about this is that you don’t need a lot of money to enjoy your sailing and you will gain a lot of experience while you’re at it.

2. Know What to Look for in A Boat

Most people don’t do their homework when shopping for a sailboat and they end up getting disappointed a few months down the line. To make the best purchase, create a shortlist of everything you want in your sailing boat. Now that you have sailed on other boats creating such a list won’t be a problem.

Among the most important things to consider in a sailing boat include the size. In this case, you should start with a small vessel before graduating to the larger boats for longer sails. You should also find a boat that suits your sailing needs. For instance, if you intend to enjoy time with your family on the boat, you have to find a vessel with the appropriate amenities.

3. Consider a Used Boat

Buying a new boat when starting sailing is a huge expense and most people opt for well-maintained used boats. When buying a used boat, you should consider the engine performance, deck and hull integrity, safety equipment and electrical work.

Make sure you have a professional mechanic to check all aspects of the used boat before signing a contract. Insurance is also an important consideration, as this is a major expense of boat ownership.

4. Take A Boating Safety Course

Safety is a major consideration for any boating enthusiasts. It is one thing that you cannot ignore in this industry. When shopping for a boat, you need to consider safety, and for this reason, a boat safety course is advisable.

You will have more confidence going out on the water when you take this course and earn the prerequisite certification. The U.S. Coast Guard says boating accidents are on the decline, with fatalities reaching 658 in 2016, a 6.1 percent decrease from 2016. This is due to more stringent safety practices and monitoring.

5. Proper Boat Maintenance

Your boat requires proper maintenance by a certified boat service. These experts will check all components of your boat during scheduled service checks to keep your vessel in tiptop shape and ensure your safety.

6. Consider Boat Storage

Proper boat storage will not only protect your investment but also save you unnecessary repair costs. One option is to store the boat in your backyard which will involve trailering. You can also opt to store the boat on harbor using a boat lift. This keeps the boat dry and makes it easier to inspection and hit the water every time.

When looking for Marina Berths for sale, consider these factors to ensure you enjoy your sailing experience.


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