7 Golfing Tips From the Pros


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If you ask any golf enthusiast what they want to achieve, they will most likely respond they want to learn to play like the professionals. From taking courses to joining a local club or learning to swap out clubs like a PGA professional, more than 24 million people enjoy golfing as a pastime. If you are looking for ways to improve your golf swing, all you need are these seven golfing tips.

1. How to Hit a Draw ― Mike Malaska

While many pros choose to control their hits with a fade, which glides from left to right, Mike Malaska is an expert at hitting a draw, which soars from right to left and is why most amateurs want to learn the technique. Selecting a draw offers several benefits including gaining yardage, controlling the hit onto the green and improving your abilities.

2. Escaping Greenside Bunkers ― Tommy Wolfenberger

For pros like Tommy Wolfenberger, a bunker is a common hazard that can be overcome. Wolfenberger suggests that golfers analyze the golfing conditions, try to swing on a downhill slope, use a bounceless wedge to avoid sand and spin the ball forward.

3. Use Your Weight for Iron Shots ― Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy counsels players to adjust their iron shots by bearing down on their weight and then moving forward as they swing forward. By doing this, he suggests that a golfer’s swing will transfer to the front of the ball as the knee advances and straightens.

4. Use Your Oldest Balls for Practice ― Alan Pittman

Alan Pittman recommends to players that they will improve their all-around golfing when they get tougher mentally. He suggests golfers begin at the tee and hit several balls from varying positions and only advance the worst of the shots to the next area until they reach the hole. When a player concentrates on each shot, they maintain their golf play.

5. Increase Flexibility and Strength ― Sam Weinman

While you will find many professionals focusing on how to improve technique, Sam Weinman suggests that the only way to get better is to increase your flexibility and strength by practicing at a minimum of 100 swings every day at home.

6. Use the Wind to Your Advantage ― Butch Harmon

You will find any number of golfers who fear the wind because it is unpredictable, but Butch Harmon recommends embracing it to enhance your long game. He also advises golfers not to swing too aggressively. Instead, lightly glide your swing into the downwind.

7. Get Fitted for Clubs that Match Your Style ― Tyrus York

The rule of golf is that you can carry fourteen different clubs, but if you are not a pro like Tyrus York, you might not know what to do with them all which is why he advises golfers to take the time to get fitted by the experts to match clubs with playing style and abilities.

Before worrying about building your personal style and ability, you can enhance your form, flexibility, and finesse which will help you improve your golfing mechanics and consistency.


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