Enjoying the outdoors in Greece


Paros Greece

If reclining on the beach all day isn’t your ideal holiday, then you might prefer to enjoy the wildlife and landscape that Greece has to offer. Not only does Greece have some of the best powder-fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, but it also has some of the world’s most intriguing historical monuments. A holiday in this part of the Mediterranean might just involve some insight as well as a chance to explore.


Wherever you decide to base yourself in Greece, you’ll enjoy the pleasant winds and strong surf of the Mediterranean. The blissful weather makes the Greek islands the best places to stay if you are planning on spending some time riding the waves. The shores of Crete or Kefalonia may be worth checking out as they offer beautiful beaches. If you’re looking for surfing holidays in Greece, then choosing a luxury villa to stay in is an excellent way of situating yourself near the surf.

Lake Vouliagmeni

This lake is located around 15 miles outside of Athens, which is ideal if you are visiting Athens but planning to rent a car to travel around Greece. The word ‘Vouliagmeni’ originates from the word ‘vouliazo,’ which means to submerge. It is formed from a large underwater spring which caused a cave to collapse in on itself. This perfectly made lake, which was created from a thermal spring has idyllic surroundings to match. Restaurants nearby make this a great place to go walking or swimming, with a relaxing dinner afterward.


If your outdoor activities are more along the lines of beach walks and outdoor swimming, then the Greek island of Paros is a perfect setting. It’s situated just below Mykonos and is favorite among locals who know what’s good. The local town Naoussa is full of restaurants and tavernas which serve the local seafood next to the idyllic beach scenery. In late spring the greenery is out for some peaceful island walks, and the sea temperature is just perfect.

Athenian bike tour

If you’d prefer to accelerate your time spent at each historical monument in Greece, then traveling by bicycle will get you round this ancient city with ease and speed. You meet at a central point and, after a short safety briefing, you set off for a 3.5-mile tour. You will see the Acropolis Museum, Acropolis Hill, the Parthenon, and traditional Greek neighborhoods. You will also enjoy some car-free routes to Ancient Agora while learning about this history of this ancient city. On top of many other sites, you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to enjoy some traditional coffee and a few pit-stops along the way.

Surfers may want to pack their surfboards and hikers will be satisfied by the rugged landscape of this ancient country. Taking plenty of water and snacks with you, whatever you decided to do, is always recommended in a country that enjoys brilliant sunshine, such as Greece. Rewarding yourself with a trip to the taverna after a long day’s adventuring might just be in order.


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