Adam Carolla Q&A: From Jimmy Kimmel’s boxing trainer to Castrol Edge pitchman


Adam Carolla is best known as a comedian, actor, radio personality, television host and NY Times best-selling author. He began his career on the nationally syndicated radio and television program Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky. Adam was also a co-creator and co-star in two hit Comedy Central shows, The Man Show and Crank Yankers. He currently hosts The Adam Carolla Show, which holds the Guinness Book of World Records for “most downloaded podcast.”

Q: Is it true you trained Jimmy Kimmel how to box?

A: Yes, I was Jimmy’s boxing coach. I trained him how to box for a morning radio stunt. He wasn’t trying to be a professional boxer or anything. And at a certain point, we became friends. And then, we started collaborating. Because I was poor, and he was poor, and he wanted money so he could buy pizza ovens and big houses in the Hollywood Hills, and I wanted money so I could buy race cars. And look at us, 25 years later almost, we’re living the dream.

Q: Dude, you were ripped.

A: Yeah…what? What are you looking at?

Q: I was looking at the Castrol Edge video provided by Castrol Edge. There’s a still image of you jumping rope and you’re just ripped.

A: Yeah, I used to be in good shape. There were two things. One, I used to teach boxing. And two, I used to be poor. So all I did was skip rope all day and I couldn’t eat. But now, I st around all day and talk to schmucks — not you — journalists, I mean. And now I just sit around and they bring me food. And I sit on my butt and talk all day. Obviously, I’ve put on a couple pounds.

Q: It sounds like you’re telling me that if you don’t eat at all and work out intensely, with a high level of “edge” if you will, you will lose weight.

A: Yes! I’m thinking of writing a very controversial diet book called “Stop Eating So Much And Start Skipping Rope And You Shall Lose Weight.” I call it the North Hollywood diet. You’re just destitute and poor, and you just skip rope all day. And the pounds just melt off.

Q: The email I received prior to this interview noted the importance of every day exhilaration. It kind of sounds like that is what you are talking about.

A: I did Dancing With The Stars specifically because I couldn’t dance. At first when they asked, I said “No. I can’t dance.” Then I thought wait a minute, I’m scared to death. And then I said yes, because it scared me to death. I think about those type of experiences and you have to put yourself into that position. And that’s what Castrol Edge is about. I put myself into those positions.

Q: At this point in your career, how often do you get mistaken for Norm Macdonald?

A: I do get mistaken for Norm Macdonald on occasion which is better than getting mistaken for Gilbert Gottfried.

Q: And it’s probably better than being Norm Macdonald as well, right?

A: It’s better than being Norm Macdonald because he doesn’t have all of my race cars. And he’s not sitting here talking about Castrol Edge.

Go to the Castrol USA YouTube Channel and you can watch Adam drive.


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