Four Fantastic Couples’ Vacation Ideas to Help Her Feel Frisky


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When you’re newly in love — or in lust — even the most mundane activities together can be amazing. A Sunday afternoon spent doing nothing in your pajamas (or doing anything without pajamas!), a trip to Target or the grocery store, cooking up a midweek meal.

Naturally, the pastimes and plans that are always enjoyable become absolutely terrific if you’ve got a smokin’ hot girl by your side. Take traveling, for instance; it’s great to get away with the guys, but if you can drink champagne with your paramour, stroll and sightsee while holding hands, and of course have mind-blowing hotel (or even motel) sex? Hell yeah.

Traveling together as a new couple can be fraught with pitfalls, though. For example, she might not be as cool with the seedy motel thing as your old college buddies were when you road-tripped to see Dave Matthews. Or you discover that when she said “camping,” she really meant “glamping” — so you’re not going to be breaking in that new tent after all. Of course, you never really know a person until see them deal with a missed flight or a lost suitcase.
Make your vacation a lot more likely to succeed by following these four tips for a fantastic, fun-filled lovefest on the go.

1. Plan as a Pair

The aforementioned camping vs. glamping fiasco could have been avoided with some simple communication. Sure, it’s romantic AF to surprise your girl with a tropical getaway or a cozy ski weekend in a firelit Vermont inn. But those kinds of surprises only really work in the rom-coms she loves, or maybe if you have known each other for a while and been on trips together before.

Instead of springing a potentially disastrous adventure on her, spend an evening sipping her favorite wine and making plans for your upcoming vacay. That way, she gets the pleasure of anticipation (and bragging to her BFFs) as well.

2. If You’re Dead Set on a Surprise

Really, really want to pull off the perfect “ta-da” of a trip, even though you two have only been an item for a couple of months? In that case, do your research. Sneak a peek at her Instagram to see what she’s hearted. Solicit her girlfriends’ advice, if you think they can be sworn to secrecy. Or, ever-so-subtly start discussing dream vacations in an offhand, “wouldn’t it be nice” sort of way.

If you are observant and think you know for sure what will wow her, then go for it. (But at the very least, let her pack her own bags.)

3. Do a Road Trip in Style

She’s waxed poetic about how much she loves roadtripping along the nation’s byways, stopping at antique stores and hole-in-the-wall diners that strike her fancy. But you’re stuck driving a rusty Corolla with blown-out speakers — or you don’t want to put the miles on your Beemer. You could ask to take her car, but that’s not particularly chivalrous.

What’s an intrepid traveler to do? Consider a motorhome.

No, really — hear us out. With a motorhome, you get all of the fun of a road trip, and all of the comforts of, well, home. That means no skeevy fleabag motel clerks, no sketchy bedsheets, no nasty carpet covered with who-knows-what, no rattly air-conditioning unit.

Instead, you have your own smooth-riding, cruise-controlled, private love nest on wheels. Make sure to look into extended warranties at Good Sam, so that nothing comes between you and the next roadside attraction. Or road dome, whatever comes first.

4. Try a Sweethearts’ Staycation

Are you two in that stage of the relationship? The one where you can barely keep your hands off one another long enough to get dressed, let alone drive anywhere or do anything (besides each other)? Or would you do anything to get back to those blissful, barely clothed days?

Spring for a five-star staycation at a luxury hotel, located close enough that you don’t have to waste a lot of time traveling. It should go without saying that an in-room jacuzzi sized for two, a king-sized bed, fluffy robes and slippers, and an ample supply of pillow chocolates are de rigeur.

Make your suite has room service, as well as a few cute cafes, chic eateries or hot nightclubs nearby in case you do feel like stepping out. You’ll also earn bonus romantic boyfriend points by packing all the supplies for a gourmet grazing board she won’t be able to resist Instagramming, and of course plenty of bubbly and other booze, so you can nibble all night long. Other items to tuck into your suitcase include a few scented candles and whatever sex toys you think might come in handy.

Some luxury accommodations offer romantic retreats or couples’ packages, so that’s an option. But steer clear of B&Bs this time around; you’re gonna want the anonymity of a hotel.

There You Have It…

…Four surefire ways to make sure your first vacation together is her favorite vacation ever — at least until the next one you plan!

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