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If you are yet to buy your ticket to the Cheltenham Festival 2019, the clock is ticking and the number of tickets is going down at a mighty rate. If you do not hurry up, you may end up getting the results of the festival on online sites even if you had already set out the money to attend the event. Just like in the previous years, this event will be spread across four days: Champion Day (Day One), Ladies Day (Day Two), St. Patrick’s Thursday (Day Three), and finally the Gold Cup Day on the fourth day. Again, the event is still set to take place from Tuesday the 12th of March to Friday 13th of the same month. The prize money this year is estimated to be £4.5 million. As for the punters out there, you are well aware that the sporting calendar does not consist of many events with as many opportunities for wagering as the Cheltenham Festival. It is thus your responsibility to keep yourself posted if at all you are to make the best of the 28 extremely competitive races.

There are many gambling sites out there going out of their way to ensure that as much as the races entertain you, you also get to make the most of it financially. They are outdoing each other in order to attract gambler’s attention and this article will discuss some of the best bet offers out there. To begin with, Bet365 has very tantalizing odds and it is quite clear that this site is not shying away from rewarding players. It also has the Non-Runner No Bet offer. If you think that this is amazing, prepare yourself for some major shockers! Do you have some seven friends with whom you would like to share the moments in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire at Cheltenham Racecourse? Sign up with Paddy Power and place your bet and although there are several other terms and conditions; those are the first steps towards winning a trip for yourself and your buddies. Betfred is also offering tickets to the Cheltenham Festival this year and it is just a matter of visiting these sites to find out what it takes. Tote Sport, on the other hand, has this offer where one is given a £10 cashback and £10 2019 cheltenham free bet. With 888 Sport, every £10 you place earns you £30 in addition to some £10 to be placed on Cheltenham bets.

Having identified the bookmarker you would like to transact business with, it is important that you enlighten yourself on the types of bet involved and the several terms used. An Each-way bet has two parts. In the first, it backs a particular horse to win and in the second, it backs it to be among the first three to complete the race. An accumulator bet is one that consists of various selections across the different races where the winnings in a race are carried forward to the next until all the races bet on are done. There is also the “Also Ran” bet where one declares that a certain horse will not be among the top 4. In the Evens bet, you win an amount proportional to your stake. For instance, if you place £10, and your bet wins, you get a further £10. As for the No-Runner No Bet, if the horse you wagered on does not get to a race, you receive your stake back. Moreover, while making your rounds around horseracing wagering fields, you will come across the word “allowance” several times. This refers to the privilege in terms of weight given to a horse to stand in for an inexperienced rider. Most people do not know that you do not necessarily have to bet on online platforms. You can also visit betting shops where you are given a ticket or receipt for your bet and once you win and the race’s result has been officially released you can go back and collect your winnings from the shop.


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