Get Your Brazil Visa And Then Enjoy The Wonders Of The Country


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Brazil is one of the most popular travel destinations from all around the world and it is so simple to understand why. Rio de Janeiro is a city everyone knows and when it comes to dancing, it is hard to beat Brazilians. Planning a trip to this country is a highlight for many but there are so many things that need to be considered. While it is a certainty that you want to see what wonderful sights to visit and what activities to include in your earned getaway, you first need to deal with legalities. Get ready for everything that Brazil has to offer by first getting your visa, which can be done while you plan the trip.

Before you will apply for the Brazil visa, it is important to research as much information as possible about the visa policy of the country. Every single state has one. In the event that you do not follow rules, the application is going to be denied. After that, the application process has to be started again. Obviously, this is not ideal so you have to be sure everything is handled properly.

In the US it is possible to apply for a special Brazil visa called Brazil evisa, short for electronic visa. In order to get the electronic visa you have requirements that are really similar to what is needed as you apply for a regular visa at the embassy of Brazil. You can easily comply with them but this does not mean you should treat anything too lightly.

The Brazil visa policy shows that you can apply for the tourist visa if you fall into these categories:

• Tourists
• Visiting friends or family
• Participating in academic conferences and seminars
• Participating in artistic or athletic events

If you fall under the two categories mentioned above, you need to present an invitation letter that comes from a sponsoring academic institution or organization.

You will need a passport, one that is valid during the entire duration of the trip. It has to be as valid as possible, but for a minimum of an extra 6 months following departure date. This requirement is in place because of the fact that you can spend a total of just 180 days inside the country in one year.

When you are approved, you receive a 90 days visa but extensions are available once you are in the country. This can be done at Brazil’s Federal Policy. However, it is only possible before visa expires. Obviously, the passport should never expire before the date up to which you want to extend. If an extension is needed due to urgent reasons, like family emergency, you can check passport validity before application. Get another one if necessary.

Required Documentation

When you work with someone that helps you to get your Brazil visa, there are some things that should be provided, like the following:

• A digital passport copy – the information page of the passport is the most important part.
• A photo for the passport – this is necessary against a completely white background, while having shoulders and head centered. No shadows, glares or reflections should be in place. Do not appear to be frowning or smiling.
• An email address – the eVisa is delivered through email. This is why you need to check address spelling.
• Payment means – in most cases you can pay with a credit card but there are also services that accept Paypal payments.

Keep in mind that Brazil immigration officers might ask for extra documents. This is rare but, generally, you need to be able to show proof of return, of accommodation, provide bank statement details and have an ID card copy. If other requirements are needed in your case, you will be told and you have to comply for the Brazil eVisa to be offered.


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