Alternative Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know


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Grooming for men might seem simple at first, but there are actually a lot of details to keep in mind when you want to look your absolute best. A man’s face, his hair and his body, are different from a woman’s, which is why the grooming rituals are completely different. If you’re looking for alternative grooming tips that will keep you looking superb every day, you have come to the right place. Here are the best grooming tips every man should know.

The Right Tools Go a Long Way

Just as a quality plumbing service like Fix It Right Plumbing uses the best tools for the job, you need to choose appropriate tools when grooming. You can rely on scissors and a disposable razor for most tasks, but at some point, investing in quality grooming tools will help a lot. The right tools will not only make grooming much easier, but also give you access to more styles and alternatives.

When you use the best hair clipper, for example, you no longer have to wait until your next trip to the barber to be able to do some basic cleanup. You can trim the edges of your hair, maintain a sleek hairstyle weeks after you get your last haircut, and even create alternative styles from home. You can also use a hair clipper to trim your beard or shape it into a particular size.

Be Open and Experiment

I know how easy it is to stick to a routine; I regularly use the same products and go through (almost) the same grooming routine every day for a few years, until I suddenly decide to try several new things. You should too.
You can, for example, replace your shaving cream with other healthier products. Some of the things you can try as an alternative are baby oil, lotion and Shea butter. You can still get a clean and perfect shave, but you’ll no longer have to worry about skin irritation or other similar problems.

There are a lot of alternative grooming products like these. Body lotion can be replaced with natural ointments or skin food products, for example. And, there are plenty of natural and healthy alternatives to soap and shampoo as well.

Day and Night

Don’t forget that you need to perform a nightly grooming routine as well. After a long day at work, your body – especially your skin and your face – needs to be cleaned and treated correctly for it to stay healthy and problem-free. More and more men are realizing the importance of grooming before going to bed.

Your grooming ritual doesn’t have to be complicated at all. A quick wash using an antibacterial soap or a natural cleanser, followed by a lotion, will make you feel clean and fresh before sleep. In fact, a quick grooming ritual at night can help improve your sleep as well.

These tips will help you get started with improving your grooming regime. Add more of your own steps and invest in the right tools and products to look your best at all times. Be sure to keep it simple. You wouldn’t want to start skipping your grooming rituals just because they are too complicated to complete, would you?


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