Dos and Don’ts of Travelling with Vape Pen


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The number of people that vape increases by the day, so does the rules regulating the use of vape products. Most people do not know how to handle public vaping or how to travel with vape pens considering the fact that it is a relatively new phenomenon. For travelling to be fun, you need to be able to enjoy your vape alongside the new experiences. Travelling with a vape pen on an airplane is one of the challenges that most vapors face. There are not only strict rules on vaping in an airplane but also regulations on the quantity and type of vape products to bring on board. To both travel in comfort and enjoy your vape therefore, one needs to know the dos and don’ts of travelling with a vape pen.


Check with the Airline: The rules on travelling with electronic cigarettes vary from one airline to another. While some airlines do not allow travelers to have their vapes on board, others are more accepting. To avoid any confusion on the day of the travel, it is important that you contact your airline and check with them if it is OK to go on board with your e-cig. It is prudent to do this prior to your travel date to avoid the last minute hassle.

Pack it in your Carry On: When packing your vape pen, it is important to note that it goes with your carry-on luggage. Airlines typically do not allow vapors to pack the gadgets or its batteries on the checked luggage.

Establish Allowed Quantity: When bringing in e-juice bottles into the airplane, there is usually a maximum capacity. A majority of airlines allow travelers to carry a maximum of 100ml vaping liquid in their carry-on. You should ensure that you carry quantities within this limit to have an easy time boarding.

Separate the Battery from the Vape Pen: For safety reasons, travelers are often required to remove the batteries from the e-cig before packing it. The batteries should then be kept in a separate clear bag, preferably insulated. Always keep your e-cig and its batteries separated throughout the journey.

Obey the Rules: It is recommendable that you obey all the rules and regulations set by the airline. Observe the packing requirements such as keeping the e-liquids in a clear plastic bag together with your liquids, packing larger boxes in the check in luggage and emptying tanks prior to getting into the airplane.


Charge the Unit in the Airplane: It is strongly advised to avoid charging your e-cig unit on the airplane as it is a serious fire risk.

Board with a Full Tank: The pressure variations inside the plane are likely to cause leaks if the tank is full. You are therefore not to get into the airplane with a full tank as it may leak.

Keep the Unit in the Check In: Do not pack your unit in your check in luggage as this is against airline rules.


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