5 Tips for Finding Love in 2019


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Finding someone to share your life with, a soul mate, a partner who you can love and cherish – that’s an ultimate life goal for most men. However, finding “the one” can prove quite the difficult task. There are millions of people out there and there truly is the “the one” for each and every one of us. So how can you invite your true love into your life?

Luckily, we’re here to provide some key guidance for you. If 2019 is the year you want to find that special someone, we’ve put together our top five tips to help you meet your match.

1. Know what you’re looking for

The mistake that men often make when searching for love is that they simply don’t know what they’re looking for. As a result, bad dates and failed relationships can ensure as you continue to pursue love with people who simply aren’t a match for you.

Take some time to consider what it is you want from a relationship and in a partner – beyond their physical appearance. What goals and values are important to you? What hobbies and interests should you share? What passions should they have? What do they truly need to offer you?

2. Let go of the past

Don’t let past misadventures and failures in love and relationships haunt you. Learn from them and use them to figure out what you want and what you don’t want from a partner. Just because things haven’t worked out with someone you considered to be “the one” in the past or you have struggled to move past hook-ups and casual dating doesn’t mean you cannot settle down with someone special in the future.

3. Look online

Looking for love in the same circles and the same places can lead to you consistently hitting a brick wall and “settling” for someone who isn’t a match. There are millions of people to choose from so widen your opportunities by considering looking online for a potential partner.

Online dating has become quite the norm and it’s much easier to meet girls online who match what you’re looking for in love than in your local area. Drop the misconceptions you have about online dating and give it a try.

4. Be open

Rather than sticking to a physical “type”, be open to engaging with women outside of your “type”. Be open to the possibility of love – don’t just judge someone based on one conversation or one date. Give things a chance. Put yourself out there. Enter your search for love with an open mindset and you will surprise yourself at what could happen and who could walk into your life.

5. Have fun

Your quest for love should be fun. Use your dates to enjoy new and fun experiences and to truly test your compatibility rather than sticking to meeting for drinks in bars and dinners in restaurants. If you like the outdoors, invite a date on a nature walk, a hike or boat trip. If you like music, take them to a venue where they play your favourite genre like a jazz club or rock house. Taking an all too serious approach to finding love can be off-putting for both and your potential partner. Getting to know potential love interests should be fun – so put that to the front and centre of your dating plans.

This is YOUR year to find love. Take heed of our top five tips and you’ll be on an enjoyable and intriguing path to meet your true love match in 2019.


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