Gambling 101: 8 Casino Protips for the First-Time Gambler


Gambling is one of the most exciting ways to win money. However, going into it without knowing what you should be doing can cause you to lose money very quickly as well. Today we are going to look at 8 casino protips that can make any first time gambler look like they have been around the casino table a few times.

Look For Clumsy Dealers

The first thing you will want to do in any casino is to take your time and look for obvious things that stand out. This can be anything from people winning to popular games. One thing that is looked at by all of the big time casino pros is how the dealer is playing the game. Look for how experienced and comfortable they are as the more experienced dealer is likely to make mistakes. Finding a dealer who looks pretty new or sort of clumsy can allow you to capitalize on mistakes made on their part. While this only works on games that are played with a human dealer, it is a quick and easy way to try your luck on them messing up the odds in your favor.

Make Sure You Know How To Say When

One of the biggest mistakes any casino rookie can make, and how many casinos make alot of their money, is not knowing when to walk away while you are ahead. Many games are built to let you win a few times to suck you in and have you play more and spend more. This is where the odds start to favor the house and they start to make their money back quicker than you gained it. You will want to keep a close eye on how much money you brought and how much money you are winning or losing to know when you should call it quits and walk away from the table. We are not saying you have to walk out for the night, but it may be smart to quit that specific game while you are ahead. Don’t fall into the mindset of you will eventually get lucky.

Play Big To Win Big

We have all heard the stories of someone winning a large jackpot on a penny slot or entering the casino with $20 and leaving with thousands. While these stories are often idolized, the reality is that it does not happen as often as you may think. In order to win bigger prize money, you are going to have to play games that require larger investments. If casinos paid out large amount more often to cheaper games, they would not last very long. Make sure that you check the odds of the game if they are displayed, which most are, and see what your actual chances of winning are according to the money you are putting in.

Study The Game

The biggest mistake made by all rookie casino goers is not studying up on the game prior to playing. We know that some visits may be spur of the moment and you cannot study every game, but you can seriously increase your chances of winning by knowing a few games and sticking to those when you visit a casino. They are plenty of games to choose from at any given casino but our suggestion is to research the one you will be visiting, getting familiar with their offering, pick a few, and learn to play the game. Now this may not net you big rewards right off the bat but it will certainly help you from losing unnecessary money.

Avoid The Flashy Lights

Marketing is everything, especially in the casino world. Casinos like to make the games that have the worst odds more attractive by adding more lights, sounds, and visual stimulation to attract new casino goers. While they may be fun to play and look great at first, you will want to check the odds of winning and not stay too long if you are not seeing any results from it. It is very easy to be tricked into these types of games because you are paying for the entertainment more than the actual profit from the game. This is a very old trick of the trade in the casino world and many pros know to steer clear of the flashy light clad games.

Keep An Eye On The Time

The rumors are true, there are no sources of time in a casino and that is for the sake of keeping your mind off the time. Casinos owners want to keep you in their casino as long as possible so that you spend more and more money. Some casinos even go as far as to prevent their dealers from wearing watches in case they are asked for the time. It is a good practice to wear a good watch when you go so that you can keep track of the time and ensure that you are not staying too long. It is also a great way to balance out your playtime at each game to keep your odds up.

Keep An Eye On Your Money

When exchanging your cash for chips, it is easy to misconstrue how much money you actually have on you as a first time casino goer. First timers are unfamiliar with chips so the emotional attachment you have with a dollar bill goes out the window and you are left with playful, colorful chips. Keep a mental note of how much money you brought in and what each chip is worth to make sure you are spending in a thoughtful manner. One suggestion for new timers is to set a loss and win limit for your night to know when to walk away. Simply state a minimum and maximum dollar amount that will determine when you will leave for the night. This will help you walk away before you lose too much money.

Play Games With Higher Odds In Your Favor

If you are wanting to keep the odds in your favor, it is going to be smart to stick to games that have odds that are higher for you than the house. Playing games such as Black Jack or Craps allow you to keep that favor on your side as the house has the smallest advantage in those two games. You can also check CasinoGuide UK for more tips on games to play to increase your chances of winning.


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