Why Staycations Are Actually Good for You


Anyone who has ever had a job knows the responsibilities and stresses that accompany one. Working on an important project, attending long, rambling meetings with higher ups in fancy suits, covering for a lazy coworker just to avoid being scolded by the boss – it can all be too much sometimes. And anyone who has ever had a job can tell you that they live for vacation times. Who doesn’t love packing a bag and travelling the world? But sometimes, a staycation can be just as good for you.

A staycation, as the name might suggest, is a vacation where you stay in or near your home. Although it might sound a lot less exciting than travelling to a foreign country on the other side of the globe, it has several merits. And with a drink in your hand and your body immersed in a hot tub, it can be just as relaxing.

1) Less Expensive

More often than not, it’s the airline tickets that cost the largest bulk of a vacation budget. Staying at or close to home saves you a big bulk of those transportation costs. It also helps that there isn’t any confusion when it comes to exchanging money, especially if you’re going to a country with a more expensive currency than your local currency. Instead of dishing out big wads of cash on tickets and accomodation, you can invest in something relaxing like a hot tub. You’ll find plenty of websites that specialize in selling hot tubs. Start off with https://patiosplash.com where you’ll get details of different kinds of tubs, and take it from there.

2) Time Saver

Say you have one week off, okay? That’s 7 days. One of the major disadvantages of getting on a plane somewhere is that you have to dedicate at least one day for travel, from getting to the airport early, to actually travelling by plane. The entire process takes too much time and even be stressful, the exact opposite of what you need to relax and switch off from work. One other thing to consider is the fact that you won’t get jet-lagged and won’t lose any time due to time differences.

3) Better in Case of Emergencies

One disadvantage of travelling far away is, there is precious little you can do in case of an emergency. This is not the case when it comes to a staycation, and you can be more present and react should an emergency situation arise. This is especially true if you have a sick parent/grandparent or a sibling with young children. Better safe than sorry.

4) Your Pets Can Come Along

If you are a pet owner, you are likely familiar with the hassle of having to find someone to feed and take care of your furry little babies while you’re gone. It can be a real pain sometimes. However, with a staycation, that’s not really a problem. You’re either relaxing at home so you can take care of your pets, or you can usually just take them with you on a nice road trip if you’re staying nearby.

Sure, a staycation may seem a lot less glamorous than a fancy vacation to a tropical paradise. But unfortunately, a fancy vacation may not be a viable option for many. And staycations, with their many merits, can provide you with exactly the relaxation and stress-free environment you need on holiday.


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