10 Cool Driving Gadgets You Must Have


If you love cars, chances are you make improvements to all your new rides. Whether it’s pimping the rims or buying a new stereo, true car nerds personalize their vehicles. Luckily, you don’t need a huge investment to personalize your ride.

An iPad holder, a baby seat and changing your car’s upholstery don’t cost much but they can make your look strikeout from your friends’. Below we look at unique, cool gadgets designed for regular drivers that will absolutely love.

Stinger USB Emergency Tool

At $15, the ZTylus smart device costs as little as $14. But the device is much more than a charger. It’s a lifesaver that every driver who understands accidents can happen to anyone should have.

The USB device helps you recharge your smartphone on your way to and from work. Should an accident ever happen to you, the device lets you cut open your safety belt. It also breaks car windows to help you escape quickly without hurting yourself. While the device uses a spring feature to break open windows, it can’t break laminated glass.

Car Massage Chair with Lumbar Support

Home massage chairs are expensive. If you’ve always dreamt of having one, save money and buy a cheap, $50 massage seat for your car. The chair is removable so that you can also use it at home or in the office. It’s adjustable to help you massage specific body parts such as your back, neck or your lower back.

The fancy-looking chair uses motors to press the areas that require massaging. Depending on the seat you purchase, you can massage four to five body areas. You can adjust the level of intensity and how you want it done. The chair can pulsate, roll, tap or knead the specific areas you want to be massaged.

Since not all massage chairs work in the same way, don’t make a purchase before reading online reviews. Choose the best car seat massager from the best rated massagers. You’ll get a top-notch seat that serves its purpose at a great price.

Tile-Mate Key Finder

To err is human and so is forgetfulness. When it comes to managing car keys especially, almost every driver has an experience misplacing their keys. The tile mate key finder is a device you attach to your key holder. It’s Bluetooth powered and relies on a replaceable battery for continued use.

When you misplace your keys together with the device, you use a separate mobile app to locate it. The process is easy. Ring the device and if the keys are close to you the device rings and you are able to find them. There is no upkeep needed for the device and the battery lasts more than a year.

A Dash Cam

Dash cameras have become a common trend in the last few years. They record everything happening in front of your car or behind it. Should you ever been involved in a car accident, it becomes easy to determine what happened.
The best dash cameras record crystal clear video images. They record everything before and during the impact or whenever else you set it. Thanks to the cameras’ high-quality videos, you can use your dash cam to record scenic images as you tour the lakeside or a modern city.


Coffee-loving drivers don’t have to pull off to buy coffee while on a road trip. A Handpresso is a small, portable coffee maker that uses coffee pods and your car’s cigarette lighter. For non-smokers, any 12-volt port can also heat up the device to warm water and help you make a quick cup of coffee.

As you would expect, the device has a small water reservoir, only enough for one person. It comes with free filters but you may have to buy new, regular filters for the coffee pods. The device’s coffee isn’t as top-notch as what you get at home but it’s good enough to quench your thirst on your way home.

Bluetooth Receiver and a Steambot

A Bluetooth receiver connects to any of your car’s ports and communicates with your device. You can play music and take calls without risking holding your phone as you drive. If you love music, the steambot amplifies your phone’s audio system so that you stream music seamlessly. With the two devices, there is no need to shell hundreds of dollars for a new car audio system.

Wireless Charging Mount

You’ve probably seen sales professionals promote new models’ minor details like the presence of a wireless charging mount. The cars may not be better than yours but the small additions make you want to invest in a new ride.
Save your money and buy a $50 charging mount. The devices charge 40% faster than alternative wireless charging devices. You can mount your phone in a variety of angles and have small fans that keep your phone cool. Of course, charging mounts aren’t all created the same. Shop around and pay attention to the minor differences in features.

Car Seat Organizer

After buying all those cool gadgets above, you want to keep your car organized. You can’t store some of the important devices in your trunk and can’t throw them on the rear seats. A good car seat organizer helps you pack different car items in different pockets.

The High Road car seat organizer is designed like a back you hand behind the front passenger’s seat. It’s subdivided into several pockets so that you have space of devices. You have space for toys, general items and things you wouldn’t want to be damaged. The bag costs $20.

To Conclude

Your car shouldn’t be just a machine that helps you travel from one place to another. You make it a small kitchen with coffee maker. Invest in a bag that helps you organize all the items there. Buy an emergency window shutter for emergencies and Bluetooth speaker for your car. Depending on your likes, browse the Internet for additional gadgets that make your driving experience better.


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