The 10 Best Career Changes for Men


It happens to everybody: you think you’ve finally got the job of your dreams and it turns out to be, in fact, the reason why you dread waking up in the morning. Whether it’s about the commute, the environment, the colleagues, the boss or the amount of tasks you have to perform, jobs can overwhelm and make you reconsider your future thoroughly.

You might be a teacher, an engineer or a domestic violence lawyer looking for a change- find out that it’s never too late to make the career switch you’ve dreamed about while sitting in your present office. Check out our 10 best career changes for men who will give you the confidence and the ideas you need in order to have a successful transition to a job that you would like to try:

1. Photographer

As a photographer, you have the chance to be self-employed and travel the world or help people around you keep their beautiful memories forever by capturing every smile. It’s true that you need to invest in equipment and in your portfolio, but large incomes will be on their way as well.

2. Game Tester

Being paid to play seems a dream come true, especially for a man. You get to test the games for bugs and give reports, as well as help programmers fix them. Having fun is one of the best benefits of this job, so what are you waiting for?

3. App Developer

If you’re good at gadgets and have got ideas about useful apps you could build, just go for it. You’ll be amazed by the impact your idea could have on others.

4. DJ

You’ve been to many parties, enjoyed all kinds of music and now you’d like to make your life a never ending party. Invest in your equipment, put your ideas in practice and you’re all set to earn lots of money if you fill those dancefloors.

5. Social Media Advisor

If your present job made you scroll continuously, you might have become an expert in social media. People might need your advice, so why not help them and make a living out of it?

6. Affiliate Marketing

If you’re already good at social media, people will want to see their products on your page. It’s easy and comes with a lot of benefits.

7. Skype Coach

Everybody is good at something. If you found out your strengths, people will want you to share your skills and teach them as well.

8. Tech Support

If you’re good at repairing and giving advice, offering tech support can help you make a living. Your services will for sure be needed and appreciated.

9. Electronic Repairer

This is one of the manliest jobs and people who are good at repairing will be always needed. You might be amazed by the amount of requests you will receive.

10. Travel Planning

Use your experience or research skills to plan travels for people. You might need a set of skills and patience, but at the end of the journey it will be all worth it.

As you could see in our top 10 best career changes for men, many opportunities are there to make you feel useful, confident and motivated again. It’s never too late to make a change that could prove one of the best decision you’ve ever taken. Go for it!


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