Amazing Facts About Football You Should Know


Football is one of the most popular game globally with about a billion fans. The huge following of the sport makes it one of the most interesting in the world. While players thrill you with dribbles and goals, we will provide you with interesting facts about football. Being one of the most loved games globally, there are a lot of fun facts which surround this sport.

Below is a list of some football facts that you should know:

Alvin Martins once scored a hat-trick against three different goalkeepers

Alvin scored the hat-trick in 1986 against Newcastle in a game that ended 8-1 in favor of West Ham. He scored his first goal against Thomas who was the actual keeper and who was forced to come off due to an injury. His second goal came against Chris Hedworth, a defender, who replaced Thomas but also came off with an injury. Alvin’s third score was against Peter Beardsley.

Wembley Stadium is a UEFA category four stadium

The stadium is also the second largest stadium in United Kingdom with a capacity of 90,000 seats. Information about football stadiums shows that Wembley stadium was constructed at a cost of £789 million. The stadium has received approvals from football after holding a number of big matches including the FA final.

Aston Villa was more successful than Red Devils before Alex Ferguson took over at Manchester United
In 1986, at which point Alex Ferguson took over Manchester United, Aston Villa had won one European Cup, seven league titles, seven FA Cups, and three league cups. Manchester United had also won seven league Cups, a Cup Winners Cup, and one European Cup but were short by one FA Cup having won six. That is 18 to 15 regarding major honors won in favor of Aston Villa.

The only player to play for three countries recognized by FIFA is László Kubala

László Kubala was born to parents of Czech origin, and he featured for Spain, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia.

The only other player to play for three countries was Alfredo Di Stefano, former Real Madrid Striker; however, the Colombia caps won in early 1950s came at a time when Colombia football association was not officially recognized by FIFA.

Mark Hughes once played for Wales and Bayern Munich in a single day

Hughes was due to play for Wales against Czechoslovakia when he signed for Bayern. He only featured in second half after flying over that stadium during first half.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has never won Champions League although he has played for six clubs that have won it.The striker has featured for Manchester United, Milan, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, and Ajax.


There are a lot of facts that surround football as a sport mainly because it has been in existence for many years. Football also has a lot of following globally which makes it the most interesting sport on a global scale.

Every year, different teams improve their stadiums and technology to improve the experience of their fans. This article has presented some facts about football that aren’t all that commonly known.


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