Fresh tomatoes and developing a better diet


It’s always a good time to makes healthy changes to your diet, and one of the easiest and most sensible adjustments you can make involves eating more fruits and vegetables. As you increase that intake, you’re likely to eat less of things that aren’t as good for you. If you make a conscious effort to replace process foods with fresh fruits and vegetables, then that’s even better.

With that in mind, it’s now a great time to enjoy fresh tomatoes which are in season in many parts of the country. Find a farmer’s market or other location where you can get fresh tomatoes, and see how delicious they can be (as opposed to the tasteless tomatoes we have to endure from the supermarket for much of the year).

You can enjoy tomatoes in many ways, like slicing them to top a delicious burger for your weekend cookout. But now is a great time to try something like a simple, delicious tomato salad. Just slice up the tomatoes and the add some extra virgin olive oil. Then add some basil, sliced fresh garlic and salt and pepper and you have an amazing tomato salad as a perfect side dish for the late summer and fall seasons.



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