Essential Rules When Dating a Younger Woman


Research says that dating a woman younger than you can help you be healthier and live longer. If you want to protect your health, you need to get yourself a young hottie.
But how to do that, and more importantly, how to keep her in your life? There are some essential rules you need to remember – after all, it’s your health we’re talking about. You have to make some sacrifices if you know what I mean.

Be a Man

Younger women get into a relationship with an older man mainly for one reason: they’re tired of all those spoiled boys and need a man. You need to act your age and be there for her. Younger women look for someone they can learn from, lean on and trust.

But Also Keep up with Her

When dating a younger woman, you should be all-in for late nights and booze… a lot of booze. Also, you have to prepare your dancing shoes. If you’re more of a stay-at-home type of guy, go get yourself a woman of your age.

Younger women like going out, having fun, dancing, playing a game in a casino online, staying up until 4 in the morning, traveling… You have to keep up with her and be a fun guy. If you’re not, you better give up while you still can.

Don’t Forget the Feelings

Although she’s a wild soul, she still has feelings. Don’t make things about sexual intercourse only. Don’t treat her like a fling, treat her like your woman. She’s tired of all that. She’s looking for a fun, but mature relationship. The strongest relationships recorded in the history of dating have had a little of both. In order to keep your relationship healthy, you have to give her credit, respect her and make her feel special.

Leave Her Space

Letting your woman live her life is a rule that applies in all relationships, especially with younger women. Never try pressuring her into something, like marriage or kids, for example, or getaways in all-inclusive resorts. There’s a reason you chose a younger woman after all. You weren’t ready for those things in the first place, right? So, don’t forget that for a second. Sure, when the relationship goes to another level and you’ve been together for a few years, you can talk about it. But as soon as you notice that there’s even a slight chance that she’s not ready, don’t push her.

Agree on Meeting with Her Parents

Parents are never delighted with their daughter dating an older guy, someone closer to their age than hers. Be prepared to face judgments and millions of questions about your interest in her. But when the time comes, and she asks you to meet her parents, your only answer should be “Sure, can’t wait to meet them”. You have to show her that you consider your relationship serious and do all you can she feels that too. Try acknowledging the elephant in the room and start the conversation with a joke about your age. Show respect for their daughter. Make sure they see the love in your eyes. These things matter, and you shouldn’t neglect them.


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