Dating: Where to Take Her on a First Date


When it comes to taking out that special someone for the first time, it’s pretty surprising how many of us are utterly clueless as to how to make the experience special for her and will make the same rookie mistakes which put an end to the hopes for a second date.

Making her feel special is only half the battle, as a true gent will also make sure the experience is interesting and memorable enough for her to see that going out with you is a worthwhile experience in itself. Steer clear of the cliches and follow some of these suggestions for the best ways to make that good impression on a first date.

Take Her Away

This option is best practiced during the day when there’s plenty of time for a little bit of travelling. Rather than simply taking her down to the local Italian place you’ve been taking dates for the past five years, try making a little trip out of town for the day, either to somewhere in the countryside or even to another city for a little bit of adventure. Food is always the best way to go, meaning you can make your date about trying out a little countryside pub or diner that no-one knows about, or sample the main local dishes in a nearby town! Either way, she’ll find the experience memorable and see that you’re always keen to explore and experience – just do your research beforehand.

Casual with a Twist

Keeping it casual and staying at home has to mean a lot more than just Netflix and chill if you want to keep her interested. Get a little creative to show that you’re fun to hang out with even when you’re both just chilling in the house. First off, this means ordering in something a lot more interesting than your closest pizza place, meaning you should opt for something a little more exotic, such as some spicy tandoori dishes or another type of region-specific cuisine. Once you’ve set up a cozy atmosphere and picked that perfect cuisine to order in, make sure you’re well-equipped with good wine and better conversation to make the date a memorable one.

Pro-tip: avoid just putting on a movie; focus your attention on each other.

Be Culture Vultures

There’s no reason why a romantic experience can’t also be a culturally enriching one. Head to a local art gallery for your date, or keep an eye out on the most interesting cultural events in your city. Talks, art festivals, museums and even some libraries are great places to take a first date, where you can impress her with your cultural capital whilst getting to know more about each other’s tastes and interests. Also be sure to keep it cultured with some interesting food choices to fuel you up in between galleries, and have a look into some more international food venues nearby.

If you have any tips of your own about how to keep her coming back for more after the first date, let us know in the comments below.


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