International Drivers License Online – Things to Look For


Are you planning to travel, and want to receive your international driver’s license online? Learn how to do so in this post.

When traveling, you want to ensure there are two things that travelers tend to forget, their passport or their international drivers license. Even if you’re not intending on driving, you need a license to ensure that you can have temporary ownership of a car when you’ve reached your destination.

Because of this, we’ve wanted to help our readers learn how to get international drivers license online. By doing so, you’ll be able to receive it legitimately and not have to worry about having false or lost documents when they travel.

That being said, let’s start!

How Do I Apply?

To apply, you must be over 18 years old and have 6 months good standing on your driver’s license. Once you meet those requirements, you’re going to have to send them two passport photos, a copy of your US driver’s license and the application fee.

Also, you need to make sure that you are obtaining your IDP from either an AATA or an AAA office. Any other office is considered a scam, and they tend to charge more than the usual price for your IDP. On average, expect to pay at least $15 for the application fee.

You can complete your application in person, where it will be processed immediately. Before going, make sure that you have the required documents (drivers license, application fee, two passport photos, and completed information on the application) to ensure that they’ll accept your application.

If you’re attempting to get international drivers license online, then you’ll have to wait at least 15 days for it to arrive at your home.

What About Auto Insurance?

Usually, your U.S. auto insurance policy doesn’t cover you when you’re abroad. However, it might cover you if you’re in neighboring countries such as Mexico and Canada. Contact your insurance company to see if they do cover you before traveling.

International car rental companies might provide auto insurance, but some countries will give a minimal coverage in the event of an accident. Because of this, you should buy insurance coverage that’s equal to how much you carry in your domestic country.

Other Things to Remember

Remember, the driving laws are different in certain countries. For example, while its legal to drive on the right in the US, the UK has their drivers drive on the left. Because of this, you should practice driving before going to a country with different laws and regulations.

Just because you received permission to drive in another country doesn’t mean you’re exempt from their local driving laws. For instance, do you know:

– Which part of the road is the right side when driving/
– Can you make a right on a red light in your area?
– Are you permitted to answer your cell phone while driving?
– What happens if you’re driving under the influence of alcohol?

The U.S. State Department’s official site shows country-specific road condition and traffic safety information for each country. And they indicate what road conditions they’ll face (i.e. if the roads are maintained or not) and potential issues (i.e. exhausted truckers in the US or landmines in Afghanistan) of driving in that specific country.

Closing Thoughts

As an international traveler, you need to be proactive in getting your IDP. Not only will it help you during your travels, but can potentially protect you from minor auto legal issues. So, you should get one and drive responsibly once you’ve reached your desired country.


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