Why stick to your old truck when you can get cash for it?


Being a truck owner, you know how difficult maintenance and repairs must be. It costs a lot, and as the truck gets older, the costs increase, don’t they? Why would you want to hang on to such a vehicle? The best solution would be to buy a new truck, but that would mean you would have to get rid of your old truck. Getting rid of the old truck can be a huge problem, especially when you have to take it to the scrapyard and get nothing from the deal.

Many companies that have car wrecking services also act as truck wreckers in Adelaide and other cities. They have the best services and ensure that you get a good price for your old truck. The truck that seems scrap to most — even you — will be of greater value to the vehicle wrecking companies.


Whether the truck has become old and gone through a lot of wear and tear, or repairs are becoming too heavy on the pockets, you will need to get rid of the truck and make space for a new one. Most often, the old truck lands up at a scrapyard without any monetary gains for you. Employing the services of a car removal or wrecking company will provide the same results, but you gain cash in the process. Here are the factors that might govern how much you gain for the truck:

1. Condition of the Truck: It is true that the companies will take in any truck, but the condition of the truck is perhaps one of the most important factors that dictate how much you are offered for the truck. A truck that is old, but drivable will definitely get you more than a completely wrecked truck. This is because a wrecked truck can only be used as scrap, but a working vehicle can have other applications like second hand spare parts.

2. Usage of the Truck: A car wrecking company is in constant need of trucks for providing vehicle removal service. So, if you have a flatbed truck or a towing truck it will also benefit the wrecking company greatly, thus you can expect a good price for the truck. Similar trends about which trucks are in demand will definitely dictate, what price you get for your old truck.

3. The Rate in the Market: When an evaluator looks at a truck, they evaluate whether it falls under the “junk” category or not. Junk basically means that the whole truck is junk and cannot be driven anymore. If the truck is in drivable condition, then it is more than scrap and parts can be used for other trucks.

4. Make of the Truck: When you plan on selling your truck, you need to know the make of the truck, as that will have a definite say on how much you get for the truck. Trucks that belong to the American, European and Japanese truck family will bring better rates.


If you had gone in to give your truck to the scrapyard yourself, you would have to face the hassle of transporting it. On top of that, you get no monetary benefits in return. Asking a quotation from a car wrecking company, on the other hand, takes away the hassles and gives you monetary gains as well.
Do not spend time over-thinking! Get the evaluators to evaluate the condition, make and model of your truck and see money coming your way. You do not need to deliver the truck to them, the company takes care of truck removal as well. This means that your gains will remain significant, as you need not make any investment in return for their services.


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