Ideas for a day out with your male friends


Sometimes you just need a day out with the guys, in order to reconnect and kick back with your male friends and have a break from the stress and strains of everyday life. Kids, work, and other stresses mean that you may want a day out to have a change of scenery and enjoy spending some quality time with your male friends. If you are planning a day out, you don’t need to make alcohol the main attraction either. This is the ideal opportunity for you to pursue some common interests, get fit and shake up your usual weekend routine. So, if you are keen to plan a day out with your best guy friends, then why not use these tips to help you feel inspired when it comes to choosing the right activity for you and your friends to enjoy.

First of all, you may want to consider setting a budget and asking your entire group to contribute towards this. Remember, that taking part in an activity, factoring in travel and food costs, not to mention if you want to enjoy a few beers at the end of the day can all get expensive. Work out how much money you think each of your friends will need to contribute and ask them if they are prepared to help. If one or several of your friends are unable to meet this amount, then you may need to rethink your activity or consider other alternatives – such as packing food from home – to help you stay within your budget.

Get outdoors

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to plan a day out with the guys is by getting outside and enjoying spending time back in nature. If you are lucky to live close to a national park or the beach, then you could plan a hike or even a volleyball game if you are feeling more active. If you are all keen to get in shape and enjoy working out, then you could even consider hiring a personal trainer to help keep you all on your toes. Action seekers should consider booking in for a day white water rafting or even paragliding or abseiling, depending on how much you want to push yourself, and your guy friends. While keen cyclists will enjoy nothing more than hitting the road, or your local trail to work up a sweat with your best male friends, just be sure to pack a helmet. As with any outdoor activity, make sure that you pack and prepare for the weather and season. If you are keen to get outside during the summer months, then insect repellent and sunscreen is a must. While making sure that you pack enough water and energy drinks to keep your entire group hydrated and ready for everything.

Chill out

Looking to relax, unwind and chill out? Then why not book a trip for your entire male friendship gang to a spa? There is nothing quite like sitting in a sauna and steam room after enjoying a relaxing treatment. Plus, the more active members of your group may even feel inclined to hit the gym and the pool during your visit. If you are booking to go on the weekend, then make sure that you ring ahead, as these are often the busiest times for most resorts – so you will not be able to chance it and turn up on the day. You should also include towel and robe hire in your budget, as some spas don’t include this in their initial entrance price. Finally, it is definitely worth doing your homework before booking in your entire group also. If you are keen to make use of certain facilities such as tennis courts or are after a particular treatment, then you will want to check that this is an option before being risking being disappointed on the day.

Use your brain

This might be the last thing that you feel like doing during a day out with the guys, but why not choose an activity that will make you test your friendships to the limit? There is bound to be one member of your group who is a top rate problem solver and will get a serious buzz out of an activity that means you have to work in a team and use your brain at the same time. You may have already heard of panic rooms, an attraction during which you and your friends will be locked in a room for a given period of time, the attraction involves solving a series of puzzles and clues before you can ‘escape.’ If this sounds right up your street, then check out Boston Escape Room as an option for you all to enjoy. It might not be your conventional boy’s day out, but you are sure to learn a lot about your guy friends and what makes them tick.

If you are planning a day out with the guys, then you can be as creative and inventive as you like, just make sure to check with your group as to how much they are able to spend and be sure to book any dates well in advance so that you are not disappointed. If you and your friends are self-confessed fitness fans and adrenaline junkies, then why not plan a day that is based entirely outdoors? You could hit your local trails by bike or hike, or even test your limits with a day filled full of extreme activities. If you feel that you all need to rest up and relax, then you may want to book a chilled session at a spa that you can all enjoy. Try not to visit during the weekends, as these are the busiest periods, and make sure to book well in advance. If you want to test and tease your brains, with guaranteed fun, then booking a visit to a panic room will see how well you all can interact under pressure. These ideas are sure to help you feel inspired if you are planning another trip out with the guys.


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