Top Ten Gambling Movies


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Gambling is an interesting field whereby people get to venture in, for either profiteering or having fun. The curiosity, suspense, skill and even entertainment that tags along in the movie production are advantageous to most players. It is a reason why most people get glued to screens watching casino movies over either popcorn, friends or family times.

The Top Ten Gambling Movies

The Hustler (1961)

This particular film entails the pool game of the gambling world. Extracted from the Walter Tevis book, it is a classic that has a legacy over the past fifty years. Art, character, and talent are the key factors depicted in this movie. The way they are integrated into the film depicts a roller coaster of both tragedy and meditation and how they affect the psychology of winning and losing. It involves several characters like; Piper Laurie and Paul Newman who are great figures in the casino production.

The Gambler (1974)

This one depicts the life of a gambler who seems to be addicted to the game. The main actor, a professor, is a gamer who is always rolling with reels and wheedling his mother’s cash just to get a taste of the blackjack table. The film is a good example of some of the gamers that we have in the world today. Being a little bit addictive, it could take you to an inspiring zone that gets you to understand the gamers’ lives better.

Rounder’s (1998)

Although the Hollywood touch is depicted in the film, it is a clear indication of what happens in the real world gambling sector. It is yet a thoughtful approach to gambling because it explains how the games involve the use of brains and discipline and no luck as it is perceived to be. This story brings out the positive side of many gamblers.

Casino (1995)

It is a production which explains more about the Vegas history and more about gambling as a real business. Showing what brutality can happen in some of the gaming platforms, it explains another side of gambling. Zest and hard work are main key factors and drives of gamers who are involved. It is a clear explanation of what sometimes takes place in some gaming platforms.

California Split (1974)

It is a Robert Altman production. The obsession with risk-taking shown in the film is an indication that winning is not the only thing that gets to be achieved in gambling. Fun and entertainment are the whole things; it is not always about the bonuses and the real money hatches. After all, the more fun you get, the better the position of scooping the rewards.

Owning Mahowny (2003)

It is also another plot explaining a cool and collected guy who pretends to be good but rather steals money to fund his addiction just like several other people in the real world. People must know that addiction is not guaranteed aftermath of being a determined gamer. Morals should always be important to the gamers.

The Cooler (2003)

The protagonist of the story is a person who utilized his inborn talent to bring about misfortunes and make the gamblers around him loose. He is later hired to fill in the position of bad luck in the specific tables whereby a lot of winning took place. The script of the movie still reminds us that luck counts too in gambling.

The Sting (1973)

It is more of a roller coaster of the events that take place in the casino business itself. The struggles, the scams and even con artists that get to tag along sometimes in gambling. The business side of the game can get messy especially when the people involved get too determined in gaining money. Being careful and calculative are key factors in this business.

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

Terry Southern and Ring Lardner made up this script with melodrama and great characters that in most explain the different diverse people who take part in gambling. A clear indication of a wide range of people who get involved in gaming and the motives they might have towards playing.

Casino Royale (2006)

This film stars James bond and takes us to the great gamers and gambling masterminds and how they go about the whole gaming process. The methods used for one to get to the edge sometimes can be unfortunate to other players. The techniques teach viewers more about the game tricks involved for one to be a master.

In conclusion, gambling movies have been used over time to give insight into the real gambling world. With stories about the business management and explanations of both the positive and negative impacts that gambling has on the people, these movies are significant to the society. The skills displayed in the plots too are of great help to the gamers who watch the movies.


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