How to be an Eco-Friendly Gadget Shopper


In our modern world, with access to all manner of incredible new technologies, there are few of us who wouldn’t consider ourselves lovers of gadgets. The world of gadgets was once strictly the purview of self-confessed geeks; geeks who had money to blow. Today, however, gadgets are more affordable than ever before and most of us now have at least a few on hand that we use to assist us with our day to day lives.

The Eco Problem

Although gadgets have become ubiquitous, and we all enjoy taking advantage of the many possibilities that they offer to us, they are a difficult purchase for those of us who are particularly environmentally conscious. Buying gadgets in an eco-friendly manner isn’t always easy. The returnable packaging company, PPS, offers ecologically friendly and reusable packaging, but as consumers, it isn’t always easy to see these behind the scenes moves.
The gadgets below have all been designed with the environment in mind and are the perfect choices for any ecologically conscious individuals.


The iBamboo speakers are equal parts novel and genius. They take advantage of the durability and attractiveness of bamboo as a material and combine this with a simple understanding of acoustics to create a set of phone speakers that consist solely of a piece of bamboo. The bamboo is cut to a precise size and shape so that a phone can be slotted into the top. Any sounds played through the phone’s speaker is then amplified by the shape of the bamboo and nothing else.

ReFleece Cases

ReFleece makes use of recycled materials, from textiles to plastic bottles, to produce cases for tablets, e-readers, and other similarly sized devices. Not only are these cases made from recycled materials, and therefore an excellent example of what an eco-friendly product should be, they also look fantastic.

USBCell Rechargeable Batteries

Given that billions of alkaline batteries are discarded every year, anything that we can all do to minimize the waste should be pursued. USBCell batteries look like standard AA batteries, except there is one important difference: one end opens to reveal a USB plug, which allows the batteries to be connected to any USB charger and recharged. They take a little over five hours to charge to full capacity and because they charge over USB, they can be charged from laptops, computers, or even mains outlets.

GoalZero Nomad 13 Travel Solar Panel

Rechargeable devices are great. There’s no need to carry around spare batteries and wherever there is a mains outlet, your devices will have an unlimited power supply. Sometimes, however, it is nice to go off the grid and to take some time away from the hassle of everyday life. On such days, whether you go hiking, fishing, camping, or even driving, having a way of charging your electronic devices makes the whole trip that much more bearable.
The GoalZero portable solar panel makes use of the most abundant energy source on Earth: the Sun. By using solar power to charge the battery inside the GoalZero solar panel, users can then plug in a laptop, a phone, a tablet, or anything they like, and charge it using the power stored within.

Being a gadget lover and an eco-warrior isn’t always easy, but it is possible, and it is something that is becoming easier.


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