Making the Most of a Big Game When You Don’t Have Tickets


The best game night is, of course, when you have tickets to see your favorite teams live. The problem with this, however, is that it isn’t always feasible. They are either playing in another country, or you didn’t buy the tickets early enough, or perhaps you just don’t have the money. Whatever reason you have that you cannot go to the game in person, don’t fret. You and your friends can have an excellent time wherever you are. To help you plan the best sports night, follow this guide:

If You Have a Large Television

There are two options when it comes to watching the game; either going over to whoever has the largest television and best sound system, or going to a sports bar. For when you have an at-home entertainment system at your disposal, try these tips out to make your night a great one:

1. Order Food from Your Favorite Restaurants

There are so many delivery services nowadays that is it very likely that your favorite sports bar can deliver right to your door. This is a step up from ordering takeout, because it means that you can take the sports bar experience with you. Chicken wing fanatics? Love a big rib with your game? Whatever sports food strikes your fancy, there is sure to be some restaurant nearby that will deliver.

2. Stock Up on Beer

The last thing you want to do is to run out of alcohol before the game is over. You also don’t want to drink anything harder than beer. Drinking spirits throughout the game is, except for the heaviest of drinkers, a surefire way to become too drunk to enjoy the game. Stick with beer, keep it stocked, and you drink and enjoy the game at the same time.

3. Organize it So Kids Aren’t at Home

You are likely to get loud and rowdy, so if it’s a weekend and you want to host a big game with your friends, organize it so that your kids are at a sleepover of their own. That way you don’t have to worry about waking anyone up, and you can enjoy just being one of the guys for a night.

If You Don’t Have a Large Television

If you don’t have an adequate space to host a sport’s night – just book a reservation at a nearby sports bar! You’ll have great food, good beer, and the game on several screens throughout the night.

Make it Fun

There are many ways to make it extra fun, and one of those best ways is if you have an extra incentive for your team to win. Sports betting is easy and very fun. Do it first and foremost for how exciting any game is when you have money riding on it, and do it secondly for how much money you can win.

Your sports night is sure to be a great one if you have it all planned out and are with like-minded sports fanatics. Plan in advance so you can be sure to get a great table and so that everyone can make it.


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