Fitness Tips to Help You Get Toned and Ready for Your Nuptials


Your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life and all eyes will be focused on your every move. If you’re anything but happy with your appearance, there’s time for you to get in shape. The following are important fitness tips that will help you strengthen, tone and feel good about your body as you walk down the aisle.

Schedule a Morning Workout

Most people resolve to get in shape during the New Year. But if you’re getting married, you may set weight loss goals before you walk down the aisle. But how do you stay strong in keeping to your commitment? Unfortunately, it can be easy to skip your workout when you push it toward the latter part of the day or evening. If you want to ensure that you meet your fitness goals, you want to become an early riser. Before you head into work, try to hit the gym or go for a run. High intensity workouts typically rev up your metabolism. Getting your cardio out of the way first thing can also make you more energized for the day ahead.

Find a Partner

You’ve probably enlisted your best mates to stand up for you at your wedding. You may have even chosen a site for unique and awesome groomsmen gift ideas to mark the special occasion and reward them for their service. If you’re worried about fitting into your wedding finery before the big day, and you want to look your best, include them in your workout journey. With a true support system made of your best buds, you’ll stay accountable for your actions and attain your fitness goals. It can also be a great way to stay connected and talk about things that are non-related to your wedding.

Stay Hydrated

With a lengthy to-do list for your upcoming nuptials, you may find it challenging to take care of your health. But if you fail to treat your body well, you could put yourself at risk for colds, flu and becoming run down. Besides eating a healthy diet, you also want to remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It not only helps your brain function, water also speeds up your metabolism. To ensure you’re drinking plenty of liquid, keep your water bottle filled and on-hand with you constantly. Start your day with a large glass of water filled with fresh lemons. You can also incorporate other flavors into plain water by adding berries, watermelon, cucumbers and fresh mint.

Don’t Be Afraid to Disconnect

If you’re working out consistently, don’t be afraid to disconnect. Taking a much needed break will help you stay focused. On your off days, schedule a bit of pampering such as a massage. You can also veg out in front of your T.V. or computer screen and get caught up with your favorite movies or series. After a day of relaxation, you’ll be set to get back into motion again.

Map Out a Plan

There’s a lot of careful planning that goes into maintaining a toned body. To ensure that you hit every muscle group, try mapping out a plan. On certain days of the week, make cardio a top priority. You also want to include weight training exercises that target your back, biceps, triceps, quads and abdomen. If you’re a novice to working out, consult with a personal trainer to help you get started. As your body acclimates to your workout routine, you’ll be better equipped to use your knowledge to develop other training programs that will help get your body wedding ready.

Eat Clean

Exercising is just one part of the equation when you’re looking to prepare your body for your upcoming nuptials. You also want to eat a clean diet. Chemicals and processed foods can contribute to your love handles. You also want to kiss fake sugar and fast food goodbye. Substitute natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy and whole-grains. If you want to indulge, give yourself one cheat meal. When done, you can go back to eating healthy.

There’s nothing like a wedding to motivate you into getting your body in shape. But if you’re unsure as to where you should start and how to stay dedicated, you’ll find the above tips beneficial to your fitness journey. Who knows, you may even adopt habits that you’ll carry with you into the future.


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