3 Tips to Feel Great Everyday


There are times when you feel like you’re a shadow of your former self. Just where has that person gone? With age comes added responsibilities: bills, mortgages and children. You’re still the same person inside, but your need to fulfill your obligations is more important than listening to that inner voice. However, there are things that you can do to amplify that inner voice and let it be heard. Here are three ways to help you skip while you are on the treadmill.

Change Your Job

There is nothing quite as energy-zapping as being in a job that no longer stimulates you. Whether you’re in a high-stress role, or a role that you can do with your eyes shut, the result is the same: stress and lack of motivation. You spend too many of your waking hours at work to feel anything other than great about it. Change can be scary, and the unknown even more so; however, it’s far more damaging to stay in a job that makes you feel awful. Update your CV, and see what is out there: look online and speak to an industry relevant recruitment consultant. Life is like a game of live roulette; sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t, but you’ll feel better once you take a proactive role against complacency and find your winning streak.

Get a Hobby

You need to have some time out of the schedule just for you. If you’ve always had a yearning to try a new sport or have a new experience such as micro lighting, do it. There is a big difference between having free time and spending it in a bar, and having free time to indulge in a hobby. You’ll have the opportunity to leap out of your comfort zone and set new goals to achieve. Your self-confidence will soar and you’ll meet a whole new group of people that share your passion. You’ll have the challenge of learning about your chosen hobby, and with that doors will open as you’re inspired by the people you meet and your new perspective.

Learn Something New

Whereas a hobby is about getting out there and having fun, by learning something new you are taking something in, and keeping it there! If you want to know how to cook a curry, take a course. It doesn’t have to be learning to receive a qualification – because that may mean that you’re doing it for work purposes; it just has to be something that you want to learn more about, and something that will give value to you.

Who knows? You may take a course in something that inspires you to take up a new hobby that you can start a business in! That would be a jackpot!

Life is short, and you don’t want to feel any sense of regret about how you’ve lived yours! The key to happiness is to only look back to the past for ways to make amendments in the present to improve the future.


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