7 Fun Ways to Stay Active Which Don’t Require a Gym Membership


Exercising is a lot more than lifting weights, doing aerobic exercises, and crunches. It’s essentially the act of being physically active and getting that heart rate up. So, if you’ve found yourself skipping out on the whole exercise idea because you think it involves nothing but pain, sweat, and tears, this post will come as a surprise to you. There are a lot of ways you can get that heart pumping while having a good time. Check out these fun ways to stay fit and active.

1. Marathon Running

Ever think about running for a cause? Marathon running can be a very rewarding way to stay active and give back. Not only does marathon running help burn those calories, it can also be a lot of fun. Many who train for marathons find it both psychologically and physically rewarding. In the weeks leading up to the marathon, the mental reward of building muscle strength, stamina, and endurance is thrilling. As you cross the finish line, you do so knowing you worked hard to get there, and there are others there to support and cheer you on.

2. Skating

When was the last time you put on a pair of skates and glided around the neighborhood or skating rink? Chances are it’s been a while, but this old childhood pastime can actually be a fun way to stay active and fit. Whether you prefer the traditional four-wheel skates, inline skates, or newer versions like a three-wheel Cardiff Skate, you’ll have a blast whizzing around the park. Turn on your favorite jams and skate for a while to burn some calories, sightsee, and enjoy yourself.

3. Hiking

Have you always wanted killer legs, a strong core, and the stamina to do just about anything? If so, you should give hiking a try. Whether you hike a small trail near your home or you choose famous hiking destinations and go with friends, there are a lot of benefits to this physical activity. Not only does hiking help to strengthen leg and core muscles, but it can be psychologically beneficial too. As you take in the sights around you, it puts the mind at ease like taking a deep breath.

4. Skiing

The winter doesn’t have to mean that you sit in the house all day eating comfort foods putting on calories. You can still get outdoors and be active. You’ll need to be suited and booted of course, however, skiing is a great winter sport that requires a great deal of movement. Not only is gliding around in a cool snowsuit a thrilling activity, it improves bone and joint health, improves your mood, improves balance and core strength, and improves flexibility.

5. Watersports

If you love an adrenaline rush then watersports may be right up your alley. Whether you like the jet skis, surfboard, kayak, or windsurfing, you’re in for the time of your life. As you’re having fun in the sun, you’ll also receive benefits that include improved bone density, enhanced mental health, and you’ll burn some calories which lowers your risk for things like diabetes and heart disease.

6. Dancing

For those who enjoy rocking out to a good tune, dancing is a great way to stay active and healthy. Whether you sign up for a tango class or you hit the club scene with friends and dance the night away, you’re doing your body good. Dancing helps to improve muscle tone, helps manage weight, strengthens bones, build confidence, and improves coordination, flexibility, and agility.

7. Playing Video Games

Whether you have children or you’re a child at heart there are some video games that get you out of your chair and on your feet. Video games that require body movements to be played like virtual sports, dance, or music games can be a fun way to stay active. It gets your blood pumping which means you’re burning calories while doing something that certainly beats the gym.

Staying active should be a part of your everyday life. Whether you’re traveling for business, at home with the kids, or out with some friends, there are plenty of ways to stay. Find fun ways to get that heart rate up and those calories burning. Whether you decide to run, swim, or play video games with the kids on the weekends you’ll be doing your body a great service, without even realizing it.


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