3 Tips For Opening A Successful Bar


In order to open a successful bar, it’s best to be prepared from the very beginning. Depending on where you live, you may need help from a Texas alcoholic beverage commission lawyer or a lawyer in your home state or community to make sure you have all your ducks in a row when applying for a liquor license. Otherwise you may not get one on your first try and that could compromise your whole business venture.

Next, you should set up your corporation. New Yorkers can do this online by visiting http://www.secstates.com/NY_New_York_Secretary_of_State_Corporation_Search. If you live in a different state, find the appropriate secretary of state website for your community.

There’s so much more to opening and running a successful bar than the legalities that go along with starting any new corporation. We’d like to help you by providing a number tips that might make running a bar easier, as well as a lasting success.

1. Study The Competition

Are there any successful bars in your community? Which ones are they? Pay close attention to everything they do. Pick the top bars in your area and visit them regularly. See what kind of promotions they offer on certain days, look at their pricing, discover whether or not they have bands, DJs, or other types of live music on certain nights, and ultimately take time to figure out their playbook.

We’re not saying you should become a carbon copy of these successful bars. Not by a longshot. But you can use some of their most successful promotions for your bar and run them on different nights instead of competing head-to-head with these juggernauts.

Better yet, modify their ideas and come up with even more interesting promotions your customers will love. Bring something new to the table and you’ll suddenly see new faces flocking into your establishment in droves.

2. Hire Bartenders That Already Have A Following

Believe it or not, it’s possible to incentivize successful bartenders to work in your establishment. They aren’t going to come just because you asked, so make it worth their while.

Why are the right bartenders so important? It’s because they can bring a large audience with them. If they have a big following in your town or community, it’s best to get them on your payroll and get all those people to your establishment.

Don’t be cheap with such bartenders. Offer them financial incentives, free food and drinks for family and friends, and other major bonuses. This way they’ll love working for you and happily recommend that their followers come spend money at your bar.

3. Discover Your Target Market

Some people think they’ll open a bar that will appeal to everyone. It doesn’t really work that way. You have to discover your niche and cater to that audience.

Does your community have a thriving LGBTQ population? How’s the local bar scene for this community? If it’s lacking high quality bars, consider catering to these fun-loving people looking for a great place to rewind! They’ll happily spend their money in your establishment if you’re willing to meet their wants and needs.

You could also consider opening a sports bar, a dance bar, a dive bar or anything else in between. Consider your options, cater to one specific niche, and you’ll have better success than trying to be the jack of all trades.


Please use these three tips to open a successful bar in your community. You’ll be glad you took this advice once the money begins rolling in.

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