Are Movies Everyone’s End Game?


The world has become a place where celebrities are created every day, as social media and the Internet provide a platform for anyone to rise to stardom. There are so many fly-by-night celebrities who are famous today and gone tomorrow. This kind of individual is very different from the person who becomes famous because of their everyday job.

The Everyday Celebrity

Many people become celebrities doing their everyday jobs. This list includes sports personalities, politicians and even TV staffers. Familiarity turns them into celebrities, and regardless of what you may think, many of them did not go out in search of fame. Certainly, they were looking to excel in their particular fields but the celebrity status just caught up with them.

This is different from people whose everyday job involves being popular. Artists make up the bulk of this group. Regardless of whether they are into acting, music or even the written art form, fame is what puts food on the table. It’s a currency.

At the Movies

It is quite normal that artists find their way to the movies to capitalize on their celebrity status. At the movies, there is a greater chance to reach a bigger audience. In a way, it could actually be a diversification of their career. So it’s normal for them to want to be celebrities. Only online casino games return the favor and immortalize the best movies. There are hundreds of real money online casino games that are based on the top movies. You can play such games at the best online casinos.

Lately, a lot of other people who have attained fame in other fields including soccer, tennis and basketball have moved to the movies. There are also a lot of politicians that have moved to the screen. For athletes, this might be because the life span of their everyday job is short.

But there are so many other ways to retire. The reason for desiring to go to the movies maybe because of fear to be forgotten. After so many years in the public eye, saying goodbye is often difficult.


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