5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Brain in Shape


Are you looking for a way to keep your brain healthy and in shape to boost your memory in old age? Although it’s important to keep in mind that there is no medically proven way to stop mental decline, new studies suggest that there are exercises that help to keep your brain sharp and in shape longer. Look at the 5 pointers below to start giving your brain the exercise it needs today!

Play Memorization Games

Think of your brain as a muscle; if you don’t use your muscle, it won’t get stronger. Playing memorization games helps keep your brain strong. You can play these in a variety of ways, whether you buy the old-fashioned memory flashcards or by testing your own recall. An example of how you can do this is by making a checklist in your own head (i.e. grocery list, to-do list, etc.) and then let at least 60 minutes go by and see how many items from your list you can recall. The more challenging you make your list, the more exercise you provide your brain.

Read A Book

Do you like to read? You’re in luck! Doing regular brain stimulating activities isn’t all about games and physical activity. Studies show that simply reading (and even writing) a book helps keep your brain sharp.


Not only is staying physically active important, but so is staying socially active! Staying connected to friends and family and building strong social ties has been connected to lower blood pressure and making you less likely to suffer memory loss. Whether you prefer to go do something fun outdoors or catch up on the latest movie, either way this gives you a great excuse to schedule a night out with friends!

Stay Well Rested

It shouldn’t be a surprise that if your body and mind don’t get the rest it needs, you can’t function properly. Per womenshealthmag.com, a study showed that mice who slept for short periods of time lost 25% of the section of their brain that is associated with alertness and cognitive function. Yikes! Make sure to get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night to keep your brain functioning at its best capability.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

You may have heard the phrase “what’s good for the heart is good for the brain,” and it’s true! Physical exercise and eating the right foods are crucial when it comes to keeping your brain sharp. By maintaining a healthy diet and consistently exercising, you are keeping your blood pressure under control. Thus, you are decreasing your chances for a stroke. Want even better news? Dark chocolate and champagne are among some of the best foods for your brain!

Every brain changes with age, but as you know after reading this article, cognitive impairment is not inevitable. Just as preventing heart disease requires you take certain actions, preventing mental decline requires the same. By implementing these five simple exercises in your everyday life, you are well on your way to strengthening your brain and keeping it healthy and in shape.


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