Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights

Julianne Moore in “Boogie Nights”

Hollywood redheads are absolutely mesmerizing, with leading ladies like Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman burning up the competition with their great looks and fantastic talent. Red-hot redhead Julianne Moore is no exception. Her saintly figure and graceful film presence have been making fans drool for years, but the over-40 actress has continued to look great with the best era of her career just sparking over the past few years.

Julianne graduated from from the Boston University School of the Performing Arts in 1983 and moved to New York to seek work. She soon began to appear in a number of off-Broadway theater productions that led to her first role on the TV series, “The Edge of Night.” Her success continued when she accepted a regular role on the daytime soap “As the World Turns,” winning a Daytime Emmy for her work in 1988. Julianne later broke into film in a number of small roles in mainstream films like “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” and “The Fugitive,” before becoming a starring actress of her own. Julianne has received plenty of critical acclaim over the past years, including the National Board of Review Best Supporting Actress Award and the LA Film Critics Association Best Supporting Actress Award. She has also received four Academy Award nominations for her roles in “Boogie Nights,” “The End of the Affair” and last year’s “The Hours” and “Far From Heaven,” though she has never had the honor of receiving an Oscar to date.

In 2021, Julianne starred in “The Woman in the Window.”

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Julianne on the Screen

Julianne is one of the hardest working actresses in the industry today, appearing in over twenty films alone just in the past decade, starring in a number of eclectic films throughout her career. Julianne has starred in cult classics like “The Big Lebowski,” “Boogie Nights” and “Magnolia,” and has also appeared in award-nominated films like “Far From Heaven” and “The Hours.” She has also starred in the comedies “Nine Months” and “Evolution,” as well as the remake to Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” and the sequel to “Jurassic Park.” Julianne took a huge risk with her career when she chose to replace Jodie Foster as the highly-admired Clarice in “Hannibal,” the sequel to “Silence of the Lambs,” for which she received mixed reviews. Julianne also appeared in the thriller “Freedomland” with Samuel L. Jackson.

Boogie Nights” (1997)
Julianne shines in this Paul Thomas Anderson film about the adult film industry in the late 70s and early 80s, working with an all-star cast that included Burt Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg and Heather Graham. “Julianne Moore is brilliant and fearless in her role as Maggie. It’s a crime that she wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for her performance.”

The Kids Are Alright” (2010)
Julianne stars opposite Annette Bening and Mark Ruffalo in this family drama featuring a lesbian couple and filled with authentic characters and some great performances from its amazing ensemble cast. Critic Jason Zingale notes “Annette Bening is great as the control freak who feels threatened by Paul’s arrival, and brings a playful energy to the role of her easygoing partner, but it’s Mark Ruffalo who steals the show. Entering the film oozing with machismo, Ruffalo has never been better, nor more perfectly cast, as the sensitive ladies man. All of the characters have a real genuine quality to them that makes the story more relatable, but Ruffalo goes the extra mile in making Paul such a likeable dude, even if he’s the catalyst for most of the conflict in the story.”

Julianne Moore in The Kids Are Alright with Annette Bening

Chloe” (2010)
This erotic thriller has some great moments but ends up falling a bit flat at the end. Julianne is amazing as usual, along with Amanda Seyfried and Liam Neeson. The film is most memorable for the nudity and sizzling sex scene between Julianne and Seyfried. There’s always something about two beautiful women kissing, so the producers knew what they were doing here. You can see some clips here. Julianne has always been very willing to express herself sexually and show off her body in her work.

Don John” (2013)
Julianne turns in another steller performance, as movie critic David Medsker notes, “Moore was an inspired choice for Esther. Arguably the most wounded character in the movie, Moore masterfully taps into both Esther’s free spirit and her pain.”

Julianne Says

On sex in the movies:
“You never have sex the way people do in the movies. You don’t do it on the floor, you don’t do it standing up, you don’t always have all your clothes off, you don’t happen to have on all the sexy lingerie. You know, if anybody ever ripped my clothes, I’d kill them.”

On her childhood:
“In grade school, I was a complete geek. You know, there’s always the kid who’s too short, the kid who wears glasses, the kid who’s not athletic. Well, I was all three.”

On fear:
“Fear has always been a great motivator for me. There are a lot of things I’ve done because I was afraid to do them, so I thought I should.”

On being an actress:
“The most important thing you can do for yourself as an actor is have a real life.”