The 8 Benefits of Cultivating Survival Skills



If you’re interested in developing your survival skills, you can choose to take specialized classes that can help you survive in the wilderness and in disaster scenarios. But if you’re on the fence about jumping into this learning opportunity, you might wonder if they’re worth the time and money.
The short answer is that they definitely are – but let’s take a deeper dive.

How to Cultivate Survival Skills

The best way to learn and cultivate survival skills is to take a tactical and survival skills training course. Depending on the exact course you take, you’ll likely learn some combination of the following:

· Self-defense. Through firearms training, tactical training, and potentially even martial arts training, you can learn how to defend yourself in even the worst, most chaotic situations. Even a small amount of knowledge can elevate you above the average person and skyrocket your chances of survival.

· First aid. Similarly, you can learn first aid and tactical medical knowledge. You’ll be able to dress and attend to various injuries in chaotic situations, potentially saving your own life or the lives of others.

· Shelter construction and fire building. In some classes, you’ll be able to learn basic survival skills like building a shelter from raw materials and generating fire from scratch. Armed with little more than a sharp implement, you can thrive for many days in the woods this way.

· Navigation. Navigation is also critical for success in extreme situations. You won’t necessarily be able to rely on your phone to get from place to place in an emergency.

· Foraging and tracking. Survival and tactical skills also teach about foraging, tracking, and other skills necessary to help you find food.

The Benefits of Cultivating Survival Skills

Why is it so beneficial to cultivate these survival skills and more?

1. A path to ongoing development. There’s no such thing as a true survival master, since there are always new skills and things to learn. Attending survival and tactical skills training courses is a great way to start your education, but it’s also a path to ongoing personal development. Attending more classes, reading more books, and getting real practice in the field can be a lifelong journey to self-improvement.

2. A greater likelihood of survival. If you don’t know what you’re doing in a survival situation, there are thousands of ways for you to accidentally die. You could forage the wrong species by mistake, fail to treat a wound adequately, or even mishandle a firearm. The good news is that most of these accidents are a direct result of a lack of knowledge, and the knowledge you gain in survival skills courses could be ample to help you survive. No matter what, a person with at least some survival and tactical skills is going to have a greater likelihood of survival than someone with none.

3. Protection of others. Some people are motivated to learn survival and tactical skills so they can protect others. If you have a family or close friends that you want to protect, this could give you the skills and knowledge you need to do it.

4. A whole new dimension to camping. Many people attend these classes so they can camp successfully in more primitive locations, with fewer starting supplies. At a certain level, you’ll be able to go into nature armed with little more than some basic tools and put together a fully functioning shelter that can sustain you for many days.

5. Confidence and self-esteem. As a result of your survival and tactical skills training, you’ll likely have higher confidence and self-esteem. You’ll know that you’re capable of handling yourself in an emergency, you’ll know how to address various disasters and chaotic situations, and you’ll have more knowledge and strength to persevere in difficult times.

6. New hobbies and interests. These classes are also gateways to new hobbies and interests, some of which might surprise you. You might learn to love marksmanship when you learn to use firearms. You might become obsessed with tying knots or accumulating survival tools for your go bag. You could even get into collecting MREs, regardless of whether you have clear intentions of eventually consuming them.

7. New friends. You’ll likely be attending these classes with a multitude of other people, which means this is an opportunity to make new friends. Together, you’ll learn some of the most important skills for survival – and you could stay in touch long after the class is over.

8. Leadership and direction. Finally, undergoing enough survival and tactical skills education could help you become a stronger, clearer leader. With more confidence, knowledge, and practical experience, you’ll be much more successful in coordinating others and demonstrating authority.

Attending even a single survival and tactical skills training course can make a positive difference in your life, equipping you with skills that can help you in tough situations while simultaneously boosting your confidence and introducing you to new activities and friends. Since there are so many courses to choose from, you can select one that’s perfectly aligned with your interests – or just start with the absolute fundamentals.


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