Red Tiger Gaming: A Superlative Game Provider at Wazamba



Game developer Red Tiger Gaming is a relatively small player in the large gambling industry.

They have more than 100 different games in their portfolio, most of which are present at Wazamba New Zealand.

These are mostly slot machines in various genres, but they have also created their own versions of roulette, blackjack, and baccarat for those of you who like table games.

Red Tiger also boasts jackpot slots. Many of the games have a common progressive jackpot which is triggered every single day.

This means that every day there is a player who wins a jackpot on some of Red Tiger’s games!

Humor and Popular Characters

When it comes to Red Tiger’s games at Wazamba, which mostly consist of slot machines, there is a good mix of both humor and admired characters.

For example, you can play slots with The Three Musketeers, the genie from Aladdin, Puss in Boots, Snow White, Cinderella, and more.

The company likes to use themes that most people are familiar with. They also have an interesting game with a slightly politically charged theme, Rocket Men.

In Rocket Men, two political leaders are the two main figures in focus, and this is obviously the president of the United States and the dictator of North Korea.

Both of them have rockets and nuclear bombs as the symbols in the game. This game is not really very political, but rather humorous.

No side is taken for any of the parties here since both sides in the conflict are made fun of equally.

This, however, is a typical example of how Red Tiger creates humorous slot machines with a theme that most of us recognize.

The Features of Red Tiger Gaming Slots

In Red Tiger games, you can find all the usual functions that most video machines have these days.

There are wilds, random bonus features, free spins, and much more. An example of a game full of features is Three Musketeers.

Here, each musketeer not only has its own bonus feature with wilds in different patterns and numbers, and you also collect feathers from their hats when they make a winning combination.

When you have filled a meter with feathers from a musketeer you will then get to a bonus round, and these bonuses are also different for each character.

You can get a bonus in the form of a maze, a wheel of fortune, and a random game. As if this is not enough, you can also win a jackpot. In other words, there is more than enough to look forward to in this game.

Red Tiger Jackpots

Several of the Wazamba slot machines from Red Tiger have a progressive jackpot. All bets made by players in these contribute towards the same jackpot.

Therefore, it does not matter which of these games you play, as they all have a common jackpot, so if you are lucky enough to win the daily jackpot, your winnings will be the same no matter which machine you play on.

Red Tiger has chosen to guarantee that a jackpot will be triggered every single day. The advantage of this is of course that your chances of winning a jackpot are far greater since someone has to win the jackpot every day.

However, there is also a clear disadvantage, namely that the jackpot can never grow too big.

Games From Red Tiger are Available on All Devices

Since Red Tiger was developed not too long ago, it is only natural that all their games are made for playing on all devices.

Whether you want to play on pc, mobile, or tablet, all games will be automatically adapted to your screen.

At Wazamba casino, you will find some of the Red Tiger games collected in a separate category. This applies to the games that have a progressive jackpot since these are common jackpots for all machines.

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of being a fairly new software manufacturer, as they don’t have old games that were made before mobile casino games became a thing.


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