The Tactical Pen is a versatile self-defense tool



There are many self-defense tools out there, but there aren’t many that you can carry with you practically everywhere. You’re not going to ever get a gun or a knife on an airplane.

I had the opportunity to check out and review the Tactical Pen, a new self-defense tool developed by former CIA officer Jason Hanson. I was immediately impressed by this tool as I removed it from the box. It looks like a pen, but it’s made from a solid block of metal and has an extremely sharp, pointed end which is perfect for self-defense situations. It feels very comfortable in your hand, and you can immediately grasp how you might use this if forced to defend yourself or others.

Stealth Protection

The brilliance of this design lies in its shape. It resembles a regular pen, and the top removes as well to reveal a functioning pen. It’s perfectly designed to be a discreet tool.

The Tactical Pen is designed to be carried daily without raising suspicion. Since it looks like a pen, it’s possible to legally carry it virtually everywhere – including airplanes, courthouses, and schools. This discreet design provides a sense of security, knowing that you have a self-defense tool within arm’s reach at all times.


It’s astonishing how such a seemingly ordinary object can be such a powerful and versatile tool, and most importantly, it’s incredibly easy to master.

First, the pen can be discreetly taken out when sensing danger, unlike more obvious weapons. You’re not sounding alarm bells or escalating a situation with this in your hand.

It can also have other uses, like smashing glass windows in an emergency situation.

Finally, the pen is suitable for users of all ages, from 15 to 85, it’s easy to use and carry.


Finally, the pen is only $35. Buy one for yourself and family and friends. It would also make a cool Father’s Day gift!


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