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See what Myste had to say about shooting in Costa Rica!

The latest up-and-coming glamour model to make it over to her own national program is the remarkable Myste Nicole, our Featured Model from September of 2009. Myste will be hosting her very own sexy, international travelogue, "Myste Buzzed on Paradise." The concept is very "E’s Wild On" with Brooke Burke meets "Bizarre World" with Andrew Zimmern. Covering the travel show was my assignment, and destination #1 was Costa Rica!

The lush, tropical environs of this Central American country could not have been a better location to begin the series. Costa Rica is a true paradise with lush green mountains, black sand beaches, and brilliant blue waters. The country boasts a host of animals from toucans and monkeys to jaguars and crocodiles. In fact, contrary to its diminutive size, Costa Rica holds one of the greater percentages of biodiversity in the world! Flying in to the capital of San José, I knew that my return to one of my all-time favorite international shoot locations would be remarkable once again, filled with excitement and wonder.

Executive Producers Roy Hahn and Curt Holstien of PlayerXT upon our arrival in San Jose. PlayerXT has put together a consortium of top producers, directors and cinematographers to form Gone Green Productions. This talented group has produced shows for HBO, MTV, NBC, ESPN, Fox, Fox Sports, Spike, The Travel Channel, etc.

The producers are also co-sponsors of our Bullz-Eye model search to be held in the Bahamas this May. Myste was also on hand to welcome myself and my assistant with her trademark big smile and the guarantee of a fantastic adventure.

Here's one of the photos from Myste Nicole's upcoming
Blast from the Past photo shoot on by PMGS.

The Fiesta Casino in San Jose showed us marvelous hospitality our first night, and the next morning we headed East to Vista del Valle, an incredible eco-resort just 30 minutes from the San Jose International Airport. ( Situated above the Rio Grande Canyon Preserve, this resort fulfills anyone’s ideal of a jungle getaway, with 5 star amenities throughout! Newly constructed villas and bungalows dot the mountain’s bluffs, some deep within the jungle canopy, and some, like ours, with spectacular views of the forest, rivers and mountain ranges spanning beyond us. Rounding out the amenities were open air restaurants serving superb local cuisine and a beautiful spa and pool, complete with a tiki bar! At Vista del Valle you can relax or be active. One might opt to simply enjoy the balmy weather from your private hammock or do something a little more invigorating. The owners, Mike and Johanna Bresnan, along with the friendly staff are ready to provide you with anything you might desire. Special activities include horse-back riding and a very special hike to the enchanting “secret” waterfall.

With the remarkable Myste Nicole as host, I knew this new sexy show would be a hit. Myste, last seen by our readers as the wildly popular feature model for June 2009, is truly the complete package with brains and beauty. This stunning Lebanese and Native American model is Rhetoric and Writing major at the University of Texas, Austin, with a minor in English and Communications. Myste has a delightful personality with her Southern charm, unparalleled enthusiasm for life, and one of the most powerful professional drives I’ve ever encountered. Myste is one of those rare few that can melt your heart with her smile and win it with a discourse over the literary and cultural dimensions of English studies. Absolutely fearless, she welcomes challenges and wants to experience all that the world has to offer. When I saw her do a blind backward swan dive off of one the highest bungee jumps in the world, all here in Costa Rica, I knew television had found their perfect travelogue hostess!

The theme of "Myste Buzzed on Paradise" is that of a sexy travelogue but with a unique twist. The “buzz” comes from Myste’s desire and quest to explore the coffee capitols of the world in search of the perfect cup. Myste will be traveling the world on her journey, experiencing luxury resorts, unique cuisines, and exotic adventure activities, while uncovering the secrets of one of the world’s top agricultural trades. In fact, coffee is reported to be second only to oil as the world’s most valuable, legal commodity. Highlighting regional coffee growing facts and reporting on insider information on the best of the best, coffee aficionados’ worldwide can gleam tasty info on their favorite roasts and beans from this program.

Myste, touched by the locals she’s encountered on her trips, is also tying in a charitable contribution to the show with the proceeds from her own personal roast from the countries visited, Myste Morning, going to the children of the farmers. She proves, yet again, that beauty can indeed be inside and out. As she travels in search of the perfect brew, she’ll also keep up with The World’s Most Beautiful Latina Search, hosted by Fiesta Casino Group of Latin America, finding her way into the top Latin nightclubs and venues. Smoking hot calendar shoots and pin up productions are a part of the event, and as a top model herself, there is no better producer or judge.

Not to disappoint our readers, Myste agreed to do a follow-up Bullz-Eye shoot during our stay in Costa Rica. PlayerXT arranged for us to shoot at the spectacular “Secret Mansion,” an incredible piece of architecture rich with 130 years worth of history nestled in the heart of San Jose. This property, one of the grandest and most historically significant residences in all of Costa Rica, had been fully restored by the Worldwide Investments Limited Group. Built in 1870, the restored design of the mansion focused on circa 1940 artifact and style, showcasing one of its most important historical eras. This allowed Myste and I to create a “Casablanca” style photo set, in the classic film noir style of the 40’s, and you can seen the fantastic results here. Sincere appreciation goes to our hosts at the Secret Mansion, with good luck wishes on their upcoming five star social club events.

Costa Rica is an incredible destination, and our hostess, Myste, the absolute best at what she does. The filming was a stunning success on it first segment, and her treks will expand from there, to the finest coffee growing regions in the world. Look for updates and more behind the scenes glamour here at, as we continue to follow her in "Myste Buzzed on Paradise." Next stop: Panama and Brazil!

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Myste Nicole speaks with Senior Photographer PMGS about shooting in Costa Rica.

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