Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is widely conssidered to be the greatest basketball player of all time. He won six NBA titles and set a new standard for intensity and athleticism. He also became a global icon, elevating the NBA to an even higher level after the Magic and Bird era.

Early in his career, Jordan was a scoring machine. But after he finally won his first title he started to become known as the ultimate winner. He reeled off three straight NBA titles with the Bulls, and then he shocked the world by walking away from the game and trying to play minor league baseball. Then two years later he was back in the NBA for another three-peat.

Michael Jordan and Nike

You can’t tell the full Michael Jordan story without his relationship with Nike. MJ would have been a gobal supstar with or without Nike, but that relatiionship and those commercials helped elevate his stardom even more. And of course it made him a billionaire as well .

Air” (2023)
This film tells the story behind Nike’s signing of Michael in 1984. MJ isn’t the main character in this film, as it centers around the Nike team that made this happen.