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Year in music 2005, best CDs of 2005, best songs of 2005

Bullz-Eye Year in Music: 2005
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All year long we heard nothing but tales of woe about what a sorry state the music business was in. One label, which shall remain nameless but rhymes with the back half of ‘baloney,’ even went so far as to punish the few people who were honest enough to buy their product in a store by subjecting their computers to malicious spyware. Not nice.

Here’s the funny part, though: for as wrecked as the business is financially, it is firing on all cylinders creatively. There were scores of great records released this year, and the Bullz-Eye music staff has assembled their lists of the best 2005 had to offer.

Mike Farley
“(Nada Surf’s record label) affectionately put a disclaimer on the cover art about these songs sticking in your head for years. Folks, that was no joke.”
#1 Album: Alternate Routes -- Good and Reckless and True

Will Harris
“…you haven’t lived ‘til you’ve heard Paul Anka croon ‘The Lovecats.’”
#1 Album: Click Five -- Greetings from Imrie House

David Medsker
(On Rob Dickinson) “’My Name Is Love’? Try ‘My Chorus is Velcro.’”
#1 Album: New Pornographers -- Twin Cinema

John Paulsen
(On Spoon’s Gimme Fiction) “Fiction is Spoon’s version of Good News For People Who Like Bad News. That is, they just might be this year’s Modest Mouse – a hard-working band, finally getting their due.”
#1 Album: White Stripes -- Get Behind Me Satan

Red Rocker
(On the reissue of Motörhead’s Overkill) “So why were we listening to REO Speedwagon in 1979?”
#1 Album: Bruce Springsteen -- Devils and Dust

R. David Smola
“If radio wasn’t playing the same 12 songs, (Michael Penn’s) “Room 712, The Apache” would have been an enormous hit.”
#1 Album: System of a Down -- Mezmerize

Jason Thompson
(On Diamond Nights’ Popsicle) “I liked this album because it made me feel like cherry pie, fireworks on the 4th of July, a mermaid's tail, and the belly of the whale.”
#1 Album: They Might Be Giants -- Here Come the ABCs






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